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Pot calling the kettle black

Sean Sherk is bitching about how BJ Penn has stalled out the 155 pound division by not defending the title enough:

“I think the hard part for The UFC right now, is that their champion is only defending the belt once a year, ” Sherk was quoted as saying by MMA Fanhouse. “I think it will be 15 months since that belt has been defended by the time BJ defends it. “It’s kind of a tough situation for them to begin with and it’s a real tough situation for all of us contenders who are trying to fight our way to the top because once we get to the top there’s nobody defending the belt. “It’s like, ‘OK, what do I do now? ‘ Even if I win this fight, I will be sitting on the sidelines – if they do give me a title shot after this, assuming I win – I’ll be sitting on the sidelines for another nine or ten months waiting for Penn to defend it.”

BJ Penn isn’t the only slow mo lightweight champion in UFC history. My original beef with Sean Sherk was that he won the belt in 2006 and then didn’t defend it until 2007 because of surgery he knew he needed before title fight. And then there was that other year with no fights where the belt was in limbo because of all that steroids bullshit.

Long story short, Sean Sherk tied up the lightweight belt for two years and only defended it twice – well, technically once since he lost the second defense. He’s just as guilty of stalling out the UFC lightweight division as BJ Penn is, except he’s nowhere near as awesome as BJ is (when BJ isn’t being a douche – goddamn I hate having to add that caveat after every Anderson and BJ compliment).