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Poor Yoshida

Ryo Chonan pours some late night virtual booze on the ground for his pal Yoshida, who has just found himself out of a fight:

I’m surprised to hear about Yoshida. His opponent, Karo Parisyan, backed out at last minute. Karo said he was in the best shape when I talked to him yesterday. I wonder what happened to him. Yoshida’s mom came here to see his fight all way from Japan and he had a hard time dieting for this fight. I’m sorry for him. Charged with a role as the only fighter who represents Japan, I’m going to have a great performance tomorrow.

I’m not sure if having a fight canceled last second is worse than having to fight someone who isn’t willing to fight, but both scenarios suck pretty bad. Last second fight cancellations happen all the time at lower levels of the fight game … people pussy out, don’t show up, don’t pass medicals, etc etc etc. But this situation really blows for Yoshida since this was going to be his big coming out party. I had Yoshida giving Karo Parisyan a run for his money even before that stuff about Karo’s anxiety came up. Win or lose, I was expecting a career defining fight that would elevate Yoshida from general unknown to fan favorite.

Now that ain’t gonna happen. Now the UFC is switching up their ringside seating so Yoshida and his mom are at cageside. That sucks.

Anyways, here’s a video on Yoshida that you should check out. That way you’ll be in the know when he finally does make it big.