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Polly Wants a Cracker?

If many of you were wondering why Fightlinker’s coverage over UFC 83 weekend was bordering on the pathetic, we must confess that the reasons for this sad tragedy were due to two overwhelmingly potent factors; First, that we wanted to really enjoy ourselves during the event (and avoid burning ourselves out), and secondly, that writer Matthew Polly had come specifically to Montreal to interview us.

Matt is a guy that’s cut from the same cloth as Ryan and myself. As a former hard core nerd (who played D&D and religiously watched and re-watched Star Wars), in his youth he decided to say “Fuck-Off” to his Princeton life and travel to China to learn Kung-Fu (with Shaolin Monks, obviously). After writing an excellent book on his amazing experiences (that I am formally demanding that you buy and read), he’s now working on a new tome about the strange world of MMA.

Like most of you Jackals probably realize by now (especially after having so little of our heroine-like content fix in the past 4 days), the general world of Mixed Martial Art reporting is 5-10 pieces of barely interesting news floating from one blog to another. It can be a fucking dry desert of boring fighter interviews and red-neck smack talk. Having already accepted the money to do the thing, poor Matt was going through a serious depression, until he chanced upon our site, and saw the light.

He was thrilled enough to decide that an entire chapter of his upcoming book will actually be about us. This prompted him to come to Montreal for UFC 83 and become our shadow for the entire weekend. We ended up talking his ear off, and his tape recorder has perhaps 12 hours of hidden comedic gems that will likely never see the light of day.

We had such a great time with Matt that we completely neglected even the most basic blogging duties in favor of feeling like superstars for an entire weekend. Now that we’re back on track and slowly sobering up (very slowly actually), we wanted to give a shout out to our new friend Matthew Polly. I can only imagine how many instant fans of ours he’s already made by being a self professed Jackal, and by dedicating precious writing real-estate to the two biggest dicks in the MMA world. It doesn’t hurt of course that the audience he covets so much are the types of people that religiously frequent the site. It’s a match made in heaven.

There’s still a cynical side of me that wonders if he didn’t come down to secretly pilfer all of our jokes, but considering how amicable he was, and that you could tell that he’s a real Fightlinker fan (especially from the proud glow he seemed to have in his eye every time we told him he’d made two new friends), I highly doubt it. That’s why we are giving Matt the official title of “Jackal of the Month” for writing a fucking chapter of a book about us.

Holy Shit. We’re going to be famous…