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Pokey poke knock out

Kevin Burns sure didn’t get any breaks after subbing out Roan Carniero a few months ago. The UFC immediately booked him into a match against explosive striker Anthony Rumble Johnson and no matter how much I liked Burns, I gave him little to no chance of surviving. But for three rounds Burns managed to hold his own … he wasn’t winning by any stretch of the imagination but he was keeping his shit together and surviving Johnson’s attacks. Hell, the dude was even throwing some damage back.

But throughout the fight, Burns kept getting his fingers in Johnson’s eyes. I’m not talking about once or twice. I’m talking about three times – and that was before a fourth time that ended the fight in the third round. It was something to behold … Burns stuck his open hand out while setting up an uppercut and one of his fingers went a full fucking digit into Johnson’s eye. Johnson jerked back and fell into a pile on the ground and we all got to hear a grown man screaming like a little girl in the Octagon for the first time in a while.

The real fucked up shit though is that they ruled the fight a TKO win for Kevin Burns! I have no idea how this works – if it was because the ref didn’t see the eyepoke, or that you can’t get DQ’d for an unintentional eyepoke? Maybe the rulebook says you just lose a point but if the other fighter can’t continue you still win? I have no fucking clue what was going on, but there is no possible logical explanation for why Burns should get the win via eye poke … ESPECIALLY after doing it several times earlier in the match.

The only reason I’m not too hyped up right now is because this fight happened in Nevada and I’ve got a decent amount of hope that the fight’s outcome will be changed to a No Contest at least. Personally I don’t really care if Johnson get a DQ win out of this or not … I just don’t want to see him get a loss out of it.

The shitty thing for Kevin Burns is that he was on route to a decision loss that actually would have been a pretty big victory for him. No one had really given him much of a chance to win (again), and he fought a hard, gutsy fight. But now no one is going to remember that battle as the night Kevin Burns proved he could hang on the feet as well as on the ground. They’re just going to remember it as the night that guy won via eye poke.