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Plot Synopsis: Arianny Celeste’s Top of the World music video

Arianny Celeste is an Android being built on the Manufactured Superstar’s pink space penis ship. She gets transported down to the streets of Las Vegas where she gets into the car of the first dude she sees. From there her Manufactured Superstar masters command her to ‘gain the trust’ of the guy she’s with. Yep, strong shades of intergalactic space hooking going on here.

So Arianny frolics with her random dude at his sweet hotel and in his pimp ride. They hit da club and raev it up with the Manufactured Superstars. Arianny feeds her dude a hot dog and suddenly they are in love. ‘Marry Male Human’, the Manufactured Superstars command. So they hit up a chapel and as the marriage is made official with a kiss, they are teleported up onto the mothership.

Arianny disappears and random dude is strapped to your average alien rape table looking all confused and sad. So yeah, this is a pretty classic Vegas tale except most guys end up in a ditch with their pockets emptied out instead of space.

The only good part of the video. Why couldn’t it all be slo-mo jug shots?