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Please UFC, can I have some more?

After what happened to Michael Bisping at UFC 100, the British MMA star went from ‘definitely headlining UFC 105’ to ‘potentially participating at UFC 105’. I assume this temporary switch was to ensure that Dan Henderson’s two for the price of one knockout hadn’t reduced Bisping from a raging cock to a giant sack of vagina. But not only is Bisping ready to jump back in the cage, he’s already angling for a rematch with Hendo:

“I am gonna kick someone’s backside in Manchester in front of my hometown crowd, then fight again as soon as possible and then rematch with Henderson,” said Bisping.

“That wasn’t the best of me in the ring in Vegas and I want another crack at him.

“I want a top fighter in Manchester, I want to get back up there straight away. That’s what I have told the UFC.”

I know lots of y’all have a serious hate on for Bisping and I totally get that, but I think it’s pretty cool that he just took a total ass whuppin last weekend but he’s already jonesing for a second serving. It will be interesting to see who the UFC puts him up against at 105 … ya know they wanna protect Bisping’s career, but  is that more or less important than a nice juicy headline fight?