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Play by play: Nick Diaz surgery

Nick Diaz got a decent amount of attention when it was announced that he was going under the knife to have his face surgically enhanced. And no, unfortunately it had nothing to do with fixing his Eddie Munster looks (seriously, why not just fix his damn nose while you’re at it and do us all a favor?). It was to stop him from from bleeding every time someone breathed on him. If you’re thinking of offering the same service at your shady South American clinic, here’s what the doctor did:

  • Under general anesthesia, I excised all unstable scar (photos 1 & 2) back to a healthy skin edge. (photo 3)
  • The orbit’s bony ridge is then exposed. (photos 4 & 5)
  • A burr or chisel is used to dull the sharp edge of the orbit’s bony ridge. (photo 6).
  • A 1.0 x1.0 centimeter dermis pledget (from processed donor tissue) placed over this bony edge (photo 7) and sutured into place.(photo 8 & Figure 1B) This pledget is made of Neoform Dermis by the Mentor corporation synthesized from purified human collagen. (photo 9)
  • The skin was then closed in layers over this tissue implant. (photo 10)
  • Pre operative and postoperative images. (photos 11 & 12)
  • Over the next several weeks the surrounding skin incorporates (grows into) this dermis implant. The implant is eventually totally absorbed and is replaced by Nick’s own skin.

Nick has thus far had two professional fights (Japan & Hawaii) since his surgery in addition to countless full-contact training/sparring sessions. He has been on the receiving end of numerous direct kicks and punches to his brow with nothing more than a 1.0 centimeter partial thickness wound (a scratch) to his left upper eye: success!

The photos referred to can be seen in all their gory glory here.