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Plateau whaaa?

Kid Nate pointed out that there seems to be an amusing opinion being shared amongst mainstream media that things aren’t going to be getting bigger for MMA now that UFC 100 has come and gone. Apparently they think that this was the biggest card of all time, a literal splooge of a lineup teamed up with the kind of hype only nice round numbers seem to provide. It will never be beaten!

This is a pretty shortsighted assumption considering the card actually lacked a superfight. Sure, it had it’s share of superstars, but Brock Lesnar is going to have way bigger opponents than Frank Mir down the line, and as dangerous as Thiago Alves was, no one outside the hardcores gave a shit about him. Bisping vs Hendo was a textbook success as far as TUF coaches fighting goes but it’s not like it drew an ounce of the hype Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz pulled.

Long story short, UFC 100 was a stacked card, but it was by no means the biggest card the UFC is going to be able to put together. Hell, I don’t even think it’s going to be the biggest show for longer than a year. In a way this shows off one of the UFC’s greatest strengths: that they have a growing number of bankable fighters that they can re-arrange in a number of ways with their several marquee guys to produce an endless stream of huge fights.

Between Brock Lesnar’s title defenses, Randy Couture’s last push, Quinton Jackson gearing up for another run at the belt, Georges St Pierre superfights, Chuck Liddell’s inevitable return, Tito Ortiz’s inevitable return, Kimbo Slice being Kimbo Slice, Fedor’s possible arrival, Anderson Silva trying to cement a legacy, and guys like BJ Penn, Matt Hughes, Rich Franklin, and Wanderlei Silva operating as second fucking stringers, I think we have enough names and opportunities to beat out UFC 100. Another mega card is only a few decisions away for UFC brass … it’s just a question of when they decide to do the next one.