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Pimp MMA gyms

One of the cool things about MMA exploding is the next-gen gyms being built around the world. We went to the XTreme Couture Toronto gym opening and that place was disgustingly sweet, with endless weight equipment, jiu jitsu mats that expanded as far as the eye could see, and even a special room for Bikram yoga. And that was just yer standard kind of place. Check out the above pictures of a new MMA gym in Singapore. And while your classes are held in a basement filled with mold or a sweltering 4th floor surrounded by asbestos pipes, here’s what was just built in Fedor’s hometown of Stary Oskol:

Brand new privately owned gym complex? No problem. Paved public road to the gym complex? Maybe next year.

They made part of the ceiling a dome so that when it inevitably collapses it will kill less people.

So explain to me again why everyone is so against UFC Gyms? Seems like we gotta keep up with the Joneskis.