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The pilot

This week has been absolutely insane. In addition to trying to organize a shotgun roadtrip to Chicago on a shoestring budget (the goal is to mooch someone’s hotel room floor), we’ve also been filming a pilot episode for a Fightlinker TV show. We’ve mentioned it a few times on various radio shows over the past month or two but I wanted to hold off on really getting into it until we actually got some stuff on film.

That happened today: we went with our producer (not just a fervant jackal but also a multiple Gemini award nominee) and a sound guy to Jonathan Chaimberg’s gym in Montreal to compete in a circuit workout against Jerome LeBanner and Scott Junk amongst others. Jonathan is one of Greg Jackson’s go to guys for strength and conditioning and he fucked. Us. Up. By the end, Jake was rolling around on the floor in agony and I spent a good portion of the shoot puking in front of everyone.

All in all, a great first segment.

Earlier that day we also filmed a rant segment where we ripped into the concept of piss drinking and why you shouldn’t do it just because Machida did it. Luke Cummo did it too, and that dude put coffee up his ass on a regular basis. That’s the level of wtf drinking your own piss is on. Next up is an animated segment: the completely fictitious history of Brazilian MMA. It’s gonna be an over the top satire thing animated like a cross between an old educational cartoon and Monty Python. Our producer said he wanted us to let it all hang out and we’ll worry about toning down the offensiveness later if we have to. So we’ll do our best to slip as much stuff in there as we can.

Our producer says he’s gonna take the footage from tonight and rip it to DVDs for us soon. Once I get it, I’ll put up a few of the raw bits for you guys to see. It’s supporters like you guys that have allowed Fightlinker to survive this long and I can’t say thanks enough for that – none of this would have been possible without you guys.

There’s nothing I would like to do more right now than have a bath and crawl into bed but I have to go back out to take care of more stuff. Then tomorrow I’ll try and get up early and blast out some posts before I have to hit the road and start the 16 hour trip to Chicago to see Roxy fight.

More later, got to run / limp.