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Pic Picks: Olympic fights

I just got back from a wonderful weekend down in Boston. Sun, sand, relaxation … very nice stuff. Now before you start feeling neglected, I had made sure that there was internet down there so I could post a few times over the weekend and was assured that the place I was staying had wireless access. Of course, it was fucking locked and why would anyone know what the password was? So with a big sigh and sad face I had to pack away my laptop and wander down to the beach. So sad.

Anyways, I’m back and that’s all the summer vacationing that’s going on for me. While I catch up on the 700 news articles from the weekend, here’s some awesome Olympic pics you probably won’t see anywhere else. I’ve focused on the judo, wrestling, boxing and tae kwon do.

For more of other sports, go here! Warning: some boob, butt, and one testicle (I think).