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Photos from Sengoku Press Conference

"King Mo" and Dancer

“King Mo” Lawal made an impressive entrance at today’s Sengoku pre-fight press conference with a reggae dancer in an amazing leopard unitard, Burberry umbrella and matching shirt, and his usual bravado. The rather long and formal press event featured a signing ceremony whereby Kazuo Misaki and Jorge Santiago agreed to fight for the first Sengoku Middleweight Championship while Takanori Gomi and the crazy-eyed Satoru Kitaoka signed to fight for the lightweight belt.

Sengoku Pre-Press Conference

Other highlights included:

• Nakao “Kiss” Yoshihiro calling Antonio “Pezao” Silva a gorilla, in addition to other disrespectful gestures, prompting many giggles and gasps from Silva’s camp.

• A member of Sergei Golyaev’s camp accosting Gomi about rumors he is switching camps to Grabaka after his loss to Golyaev and the translator stressing out when the Russian trainer wouldn’t stop to let her translate and continuing to talk loudly into the mic.

• Dave Herman in a sport coat and tie, no shirt, causing endless amusement for his translator who asked him why, to which he replied, “I brought a suit and tie but no shirt.”

Sengoku takes place at Saitama Super Arena tomorrow but since I’ll be running around taking photos, there probably won’t be any updates until all is said and done. However, I’ll do my best to take lots of notes and let you know if Silva rains some comeuppance upon the rotund “Kiss” and of course, photos of the ladies surrounding King Mo.

More photos from the press conference including close ups of the Sengoku belts here. They’re quite nice.