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Philanthropists, not prostitutes

While the Brazilian scene is known for it’s crazy drama and lines in the sand, they also take care of eachother when shit is serious. Sherdog reports on how everyone got together to help support former WEC prospect Will Ribeiro, who was in a terrible motorcycle accident.

During the time he spent in the hospital between life and death, Ribeiro received tremendous support from the Brazilian MMA community. Andre Pederneiras promoted a Shooto event after which roughly $2,200 in profits was donated to the Ribeiro family. In addition, Nogueira — an idol, a personal friend and the former Pride Fighting Championships and interim UFC heavyweight titleholder — also provided undisclosed financial support. T-shirts were also sold to help fund his treatment.

The Brazilian MMA community has a rich history in lifting up its own. In 2004, when Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend Fernando Terere was arrested — the FBI confused him with a terror suspect after a flight from Los Angeles to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — supporters pulled together to fund his defense. When Brazilian Top Team instructor Eraldo Paes needed money to pay for chemotherapy treatments in 2007, his countrymen answered the bell. In 2006, Brazilians raised nearly $20,000 for the transfer of the late Carlson Gracie’s body; ultimately, his family decided to bury him in Chicago.

Brazilians aren’t the only ones … go to places like the Underground and you’ll see a lot of stupidity. But you’ll also see people who don’t know someone past their screen name or forum posts sending money to help support medical bills or flood funding. Former MMA reporter Ryan Bennett (former because he died in a horrible car accident literally in between insurance) is still the subject of fundraisers. And we all saw people donating to charities after the Evan Tanner thing. All in all, I’d say the MMA scene isn’t too shabby when it comes to stuff like this. Not too bad for a brutal bloodsport watched by people who just wanna see brutal violence, eh?