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Phil Baroni’s ‘state appeared altered’

A few days ago Sherdog released a story featuring the opinions of several fighters on the Griffin / Jackson decision. One of them was Phil Baroni, who later denied his quote and basically accused Sherdog of making it up. Here’s the update:

Sherdog is standing by Sloan, saying he did get the quote directly from Baroni:’s Mike Sloan said Baroni gave this quote in person and on the record Saturday night shortly before doing an on-camera interview regarding his upcoming Cage Rage bout. However, Baroni has since denied offering this opinion on the Jackson-Griffin fight being scored wrongly, saying the decision was “a fair one.”

Who’s changing their story? Sloan or Baroni? Baroni is a bit of a whack job and we heard from an ESPNRadio1100 host who was seated near Baroni at the event, that he wasn’t exactly of right mind. Pauly Howard, the afternoon host at ESPNRadio1100, said Baroni’s state appeared altered as he went off on an anti-semitic rant during the event.

I don’t think you have to be Sherlock fucking Holmes to figure out who’s telling the truth at this point: the blitzed fighter calling people “fat jews” or Mike Sloan (who probably wasn’t on drugs and/or steroids).