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Phil Baroni on abstinence

For all his faults, suspected and otherwise, Phil Baroni is still one of the most entertaining guys in the MMA business. He single handedly saved the Strikeforce press conference from being a horrifically dreary affair, and here he is weaving some more of his patented Baroni magic in a Cage Potato interview:

CAGEPOTATO.COM: So I’ve been watching some of your recent interviews — do you really believe that not having sex helps your athletic performance? I thought that was just some bullshit myth.
PHIL BARONI: Yeah, I believe it. I know it to be a fact, man, especially when it comes to taking punches. You take punches better when you abstain from, ah…punching your own loads out.

How do you explain the science behind that?
Aw man, I’m not a scientist. It makes you fuckin’ mean, I’ll tell you that much. I’m lean and mean right now. It fuckin’ works. You don’t think so, then don’t do it — you’re not a fighter anyway, so who cares?

Don’t you think your wife’s needs should come before your job?
I’ll put it this way dude, I more than make up for it when I don’t have a fight. My wife could use a break anyway. It was a lot easier when I wasn’t married; you could just bring ‘em in the room, one after another, line ‘em up, like when I was in Japan. But I’m married now, so the wife needs a break once in a while.

Regarding the sex thing, studies have shown that not having sex actually lowers testosterone production, which is kinda sorta a bad thing for athletes. As for that whole “Sexual frustration leads to aggressive behavior” bullshit, I can tell you myself it’s a load of garbage. I haven’t gotten laid in forever and do I seem all pent up and full of rage?