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People read Strikeforce diss into Kaufman’s hype

Thank Xenu that MMA Fighting and a bunch of other sites have gotten behind tomorrow night’s Modafferi / Kaufman fight because it’s not like Strikeforce is doing a whole lot to pump it up. It actually seems like they’re more inclined to diss it, not even having the belt fight as the main event on the card. So when Sarah Kaufman wrote what I’m sure she thought was an innocent fight hype post on PrettyToughFighter, a lot of people decided to read it not as a declaration that she’s gonna put on an awesome fight but as a pissy bitchfest.

[Cookies and man parts] …seem to be the 2 things that will get me on a main Strikeforce card…that and learning how to &feature=related” target=”_blank”>shake my assets

I am currently the Strikeforce Women’s Welterweight Champion…yet I fought for the title on a Challengers Card. Now, I am set to defend said title against Roxanne Modafferi in just a few days – again – on a Challengers Card.

I know that it’s going to be a fun and challenging fight…and I always welcome that. Roxanne has been around the sport for a long time and will come game to fight; however, I need to take this fight and make a statement.

That statement will be: I deserve to be on a main Strikeforce Card because I am a talented, exciting FEMALE fighter at 135lbs! I will NOT eat a ridiculous amount of cookies to make 145lbs JUST for the opportunity to be on a main card and growing man parts… well that would just be ridiculous 😀

Now to be fair, I don’t see how her comment / video link about learning to shake her assets can be anything other than a comment about the amazing gravitational propensities of Miesha Tate’s bootay:

And yes, I’ll use every excuse I get to endlessly repost that thing.

But a lot of people assumed when Kaufman said ‘man parts’ she was implying Cris Cyborg had dangly genitals, when she meant if she was a male champ she wouldn’t be having this problem. You know, the title fight on the undercard of a Challengers event problem? And she didn’t even bring up the undercard bit at all, which I think is quite diplomatic.

Of course we all understand this banishment is only partially because she’s a woman. I’d say it’s 25% because she’s a woman, 25% because she’s a creepy ginger woman, and 50% because her last fight was booooring. She can repeat that whole “I’m not going to be undisciplined” crap as much as she wants about that Hashi fight, but a little aggression wouldn’t have hurt. I hear it sometimes even results in winning fights. You know you’re not earning a rep as someone who goes for the finish when people start comparing you to Jon Fitch.

But her post says she’s gonna make a statement! She says she’s an exciting fighter and she wants to prove it! There’ll be no excuse if she turns Friday Night into another plodding grinder – Roxy has proven incapable of having a boring fight, so now we get to see if Strikeforce was justified with their snub or if Kaufman really is the victim of a string of opponents who didn’t give her enough to work with.