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Pegleg Pele prepares for revenge

If you thought coming out of retirement after two months was quick, check this out: MMA nutcase Pele’s leg exploded during a fight in Canada right around the same time Paul Daley retired. And just like Paul, Pele is already planning his return two months later:

“I’m training light in Jiu-Jitsu and boxing, but I’m limited due to this serious injury. I think my recovery has been coming along well, but I have to be careful. It’s still recent, only two months now, but I think in one month I’ll be able to fight again,” he declared to

The first piece of business to attend to upon his return to fighting? Rematching Brian Gassaway, who he was fighting when his leg decided to bend in half at the fibula.

Considering the final result unfair, the fighter already has it in his head what he wants as his career unfolds: revenge. “I wanted it considered a No Contest and them to grant me a revenge match. He (Brian Gassaway) was losing. I hope TKO re-watches the fight and does what’s right. I think if the referee had seen it he wouldn’t give my opponent the win,” he said in closing.

Oh, that crazy Pele. I suppose I can see his point … when you’re beating so hard on a guy that you break your own bones, it hardly seems fair that the other guy should get any credit.