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Pee Pants is gonna be a UFC fighter after all

Well isn’t this a surprise?

Despite being kicked out of The Ultimate Fighter Finale, it appears that Jesse Taylor is set to make his return to the UFC. Sources close to the situation have informed us that, less than one month after he was supposed to face Amir Sadollah in the finale, Taylor will be entering the Octagon on the July 19th card headlined by Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin. Although an opponent has yet to be named, it’s rumored that CB Dolloway, who replaced Taylor in the finale and ultimately lost a second time to Sadollah via first round submission, could be the frontrunner to land the fight.

There’s always been something a bit fishy about Taylor getting kicked out of the TUF finals. Sure, Dana was justified in doing it because of Taylor’s casino rampage … but it never sat right with me that CB Dollaway – who was WITH Taylor throughout the entire debacle – was given an opportunity to fight back onto the show. For me, it was already starting to smell … was this just an opportunity for TUF to create some drama / ratings while getting CB ‘The Chosen One’ Dollaway back into contention?

Now the smell is gone and just replaced with a big pile of shit: Taylor is already coming back into the UFC, because we all know it only takes a month or two to sort out your personal problems and alcohol issues.

  • Pontus says:


  • Cannon says:

    Dana White wouldn’t pull an EliteXC-like stunt to hype his show? Well, I guess he might. That is kind of shitty.

  • #1 Jackal says:

    “it never sat right with me that CB Dollaway – who was WITH Taylor throughout the entire debacle – was given an opportunity to fight back onto the show.”

    it sounded like cb was with him, but he didnt have anything to do with it, he just watched. and it sounded like he left jesse before jesse went into the casino and “terrorized some of the female guest” whatever that means, lol.

    either way, who cares

  • Bling Crosby says:

    JT versus CB would be an electrifying match up. And by electrifying I mean if it happens I’m going to drop a radio into my bathtub.

  • Aryan says:

    Cant believe this shit. he’s boring as hell. he’s just gonna damage some exiting fighters records by laying and praying. somebody shoot this scumbag

  • garth says:

    see what a pile of bullshit they spun at the end of that show? what garbage.

    oh well. and frankly, i don’t think he CAN lay and pray on dalloway. and if “exiting fighters” DO get l’n’p’d to death, TOUGH TITTIES. LEARN TO FIGHT BETTER.

  • From what i’ve heard Dollaway was there from start to finish – in interviews he said when they told him to come to Vegas he thought he was gonna get fired.

  • Popetastic says:

    He’ll probably make the same purse per fight as guys who didn’t get kicked off the show.

  • goo says:

    Which of these two warriorful warriors will smother the other and ineffectively punch their way to a unanimous decision victory?! I can’t wait to find out!

  • Zurich says:

    JT is worse than Jake “The Blanket” O’Brian…

  • P W says:

    Dana: “JT, you are fucking out of the UFC! And by “fucking out” I mean “welcome back to fight next month”. Please call me soon.”

  • Knuckles says:

    Meat head is celebrating hardcore right now drinking Jack Daniels, destroying public property, drinking Jagermeister, terrorizing chicks while yelling “I’m a UFC fighter!”, drinking tequila, pissing his pants, and as a finisher to the celebration he jumps into a strangers hot tub to try drowning himself.

  • Márcio says:

    This guy reminds me of a friend of mine, some people just shouldn’t be drinking, now try and tell them that. I think his punishment was tough enough, he lost his chance at the six figure contract and wasn’t able to fight in the co-main event. I hope he kicks CB’s ass out of the UFC.

  • kentyman says:

    “…he jumps into a strangers hot tub…”

    I hope it’s Bling Crosby’s tub.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Yes, this is a big pile of shit if you only see in two dimensions. Kicking JT off the show had huge repercussions, even if they invited him right back in: the shock factor of losing the chance to get the 6 figure contract would have hit him hard even if he was invited back a couple months later, and he is now on a standard crappy contract, making it much easier for the UFC to cut his ass if he gets out of line again. If he’d won the big contract, he could have been a huge PR nightmare if he’d gone off the deep end. Now they can drop him and everyone will just nod.

  • Just read Matt Riddle’s account of the whole thing on and while things worked out for UFC mangement in getting CB back in the mix (keep in mind he still had to beat Creuder and he still lost to Amir), I don’t think it was a conspiracy of any great magnitude. If anything, the show downplayed the extent of how crazy he got out in the town. The UFC did him a favor in someways.

  • fightfan says:

    I being saying that ever since it happened…..I said I bet the UFC’s lawyers were reading and re reading the contracts to find ANY WAY possible to get CB back in once he lost. I am sure they looked up if they could boot him for pissing himself.

    But, no matter what anyone says, theu UFC seen a great opening to bring back their overhyped CB Dollaway.

    And you know EVERY one of those fuckers in the limo with Jesse was INSTIGATING HIM to do STUPID shit, like piss himself, destroy public property ,etc, etc!!!!! And that includes CB….He knew taht if Jesse got arrested or in a lot of trouble in UFC owned casino that he may have another chance!!!

  • Hammer says:

    The UFC is quickly looking like a Don King production. But what do you expect from Dana White who said of Las Vegas, “I own this town bro”. Now that is some funny sh#$….. I hope someone elbows CB’s butt lips off his ugly grill. “I am a UFC fighter”.. Hmmmm.. Maybe he was right after all….

  • Beau says:

    Of course they brought Jessie back. Why would they let EliteXC or Affliction steal him after all the promotion they put into him on TUF. That would be fuckin retarded of them. Also, in the episode Dana says talk to me a in a few months. The season finished taping in March right? So it’s been a couple of months. I’m fine with this. Hopefully CB gets beat again, which would likely end his UFC career.

  • TUF guys sign non-compete clauses when they’re brought onto the show. UFC has the right to refuse any organization for a while – dunno if it’s 6 months or a year.

  • Beau says:

    Then how did herpes wrestler get into eliteXC? Either way, its not like the 1.5 million people who watch TUF will totally forget who he is in 6 months or a year. He’s still a very valueable name. I bet more people in the US know who he is than Shinya Aoki. Bank it.

  • Herpes wrestler was released from his TUF contract so he could sign with EliteXC. They also released Gabe Ruediger as well