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Paulo Filho trash talks his new boss

Ya gotta give it to the South Americans, they bust balls better than anyone else. With the ink still wet on his contract to fight in the WEC, Paulo Filho goes off and calls Dana White, Rich Franklin, and Yushin Okami pussies:

Dana White have been saying out there that i’m not interesting for UFC right now, he’s going to keep me in [WEC]. I think he is scared that i beat his fighters, except for Anderson Silva. They wanna rebuilt Rich Franklin, Yushin okami sucks and almost caught him, if i was there, Franklin would get whooped. They don’t like brazilians, but they can’t hide, Anderson and I will rule UFC and [WEC] for a long time.

My bet is Filho being in the WEC has more to do with the fact that he’s not the most exciting fighter in the world. He’s definately a solid fighter, but his methodical takedown and gradual ground and pound style isn’t going to electrify the US market any time soon. But if he can learn to trash talk in english, he could do pretty well.