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Paulo Filho talks recovery

Tatame seems to have stepped it up a notch in terms of reporting interesting news. First the whole “Lyoto Machida drinks pee” thing and now they’ve got an interview with former middleweight contender and current potential basket case Paulo Filho:

How was your return to the trainings?
I’m 100%, training hard with the Master Distak, who is giving me a sensational base, and the Master Oswaldo Alves, a vision totally different of the Jiu-Jitsu. Thanks God I’m more focused, recovered from the problems I had. I met a cool girl that supports me. My father is in good health, everything is perfect for me. I think this is the best stage of my life.

You’re also training with Anderson and Minotauro in Rio?
No. I didn’t go to the X-Gym for personal reasons. I’m doing some training at Tonico Jr. academy.

How was your treatment?
I was very well received by the doctor, treated my depression, I’m cured, beyond the other problems that I also had and that can happen to any athlete. Since I left the clinic, I’m strong, very well. People will have a big surprise to see Paulo Filho back.

One thing to remember in MMA is that if a fighter has a reason for lying about his condition, of course he will. Do we really expect a dude to tell us when shit is falling apart, that their training camp was terrible and that nagging injuries are fucking everything up? So sure, Filho can claim all he wants that he’s back to normal but that doesn’t mean it’s so. At least this time it’s him talking to the press and not a bunch of shifty-eyed trainers like last time. That’s one positive sign of improvement you can take to the bank. But past that, is anyone planning to put any serious money on Filho’s comeback fight?