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Adios, Paulo Filho

From Dave Meltzer to Sam Caplan to me to you: I bring tidings of the departure of Ser Paulo Filho! Originally slated to move from the WEC to UFC with other middleweight and (eugh) light-heavyweight fighters, it seems like his non-performance at WEC 36 has left him out of a job:

“Not only will Paulo Filho’s middleweight championship be forgotten, but Filho himself will be after his performance on the show, as it’s all but a lock that Filho won’t be moved to UFC,” one excerpt states.

However, later in the issue, while addressing Fabricio Werdum’s UFC departure, an even more definitive statement is made.

“There is zero criticism I’ve seen of (Zuffa) cutting Paulo Filho, who was 16-0 coming into his fight (vs. Chael Sonnen) but his cut wasn’t over money but that the person who was in that cage has no business fighting at this time,” writes Observer publisher Dave Meltzer.

I’ll agree with Filho not having any business being in the cage right now … something was definitely wrong with him that night. We’ve already discussed the hardcore nature of painkiller addiction, so it’s not surprising that a 6 month layoff wasn’t enough to sort Paulo’s shit out. Let’s hope he takes the time to deal with his ish instead of going back to popping delicious oxycontins and fighting in Japan.

And hey, don’t worry Paulo … if you need more money while you recover, I’m sure you can make a few bucks prostituting yourself to Americans.