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Paulo Filho is crazy AND stupid

Paulo, you’re about to be operated on. Now would be a good time to take off that goddamn flanel.

Paulo Filho’s decision loss to Chael Sonnen was the type of trainwreck television people are used to seeing on VH1. The image of Filho’s eye staring off at nothing while he was in the middle of a cage fight was unsettling to say the least. But you already know the guy is batshit. TATAME has some information you haven’t heard:

On May 26th, Paulão will fight again, and at the light heavyweight division. “Paulão will fight at Dream 9, in the same event that (Ronaldo) ‘Jacaré’. He’s already training with Jacaré and everything will be all right”, said his coach, Josuel Distak.

That makes sense. Suffer a loss — partially due to insanity and partially because you were having trouble getting the guy to the ground because he was bigger than you — and the next logical step would be to move up in weight. That’s entirely reasonable. I’m going to go have a talk with the neighbor’s dog about the money he owes me.