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Paulo Filho depressed, thinks Chael Sonnen sucks

Here we all were thinking Paulo Filho was whacked out on painkillers. Now a Terra Magazine interview points the finger in another direction:

“However, after beating the dangerous Dutch striker Melvin Manhoef in July in Japan, a resident of Rio Niterói only fought once again in a national event still lacked a commitment killed by a depression.

Paulão should have fought the Dream again in late October, but missed the event at the last minute. Officially claimed had failed to Japanese visa, but later revealed that the true cause of his absence was the depression.”

“Two years ago, the addiction to sleeping pills Paulão led to a depression which disturbs her to this day. During this period, Paulão lost the belt of World Extreme Cagefighting to an American wrestler infinitely inferior to him, the median Chael Sonnen.”

Ya gotta love Brazilians like Paulo. Even when explaining a debilitating addiction that has basically borked his career, he still has time to shit on the competition.