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Paul Kelly wants to fight THE BEST (or not)

There are three people in MMA that people have to stop calling out: Fedor, Kimbo Slice, and Junie Browning. With Fedor, you better have left a mangled pile of top 10 heavyweights in your wake before people are willing to take you seriously. Kimbo? Wow, what a surprise! You want to beat on an MMA newb. How awesome of you. As for Junie, I thought there was an unspoken agreement that we would all ignore him now that we know he’s a shitty fighter.

But now here’s Paul Kelly – fresh off a struggle of a decision win again Roli McDelgado at UFC 99 – asking to fight Browning:

“I hope my next match-up is Junie Browning. Its a better match-up for me, he would stand there and fight me, it would be an exciting fight. And he was talking shit about me a bit ago,” Kelly told Fighters Only today.

“I’m looking to get Fight of the Night in my next one. I would like a Knockout of the Night as well, but I like to put on exciting fights so Fight of the Night is the one for me. Hopefully Browning would stand there and bang with me and then believe me, I’ll get the bonus.”

You might as well say “Can my next opponent be a total can who’ll just let me knock him out? That way everyone will love me!” Then again … that’s pretty much what Crocop asked for at UFC 99 and Dana let him do it. So why not Kelly too?