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Paul Heyman shows up in MMA news again

After flirting with the idea of working in some capacity with Strikeforce, former pro wrestling promoter Paul Heyman has popped up in our sport again. This time he’s helping out with the Coundown to UFC 131 show:

According to Shane Carwin’s twitter and the Wrestling Observer former pro-wrestling promoter Paul Heyman is producing Spike TV’s UFC 131 Countdown show.  Heyman originally was scheduled to assist with Brock Lesnar and now is helping Carwin.

According to the Wrestling Observer (subscription required), Heyman was hired by the production company producing the UFC Countdown shows and not by the UFC. Heyman’s relationship with Lesnar probably helped in getting him the job. Heyman last produced spots for EA Sports MMA featuring the likes of Nick Diaz and Gilbert Melendez.

I keep on hearing people refer to Heyman as some sort of genius from pro wrestling who can magically turn fighters with wooden block personalities into exciting bankable superstars. Maybe that’s his MO in pro wrestling but color me unimpressed thus far with what he’s done in our sport: a series of commercials for EA MMA that sucked harder than Jenna Jameson circa 1998. Look at this garbage:


While seeing Fabricio Werdum’s O face was interesting and all, it didn’t make me want to buy a copy of EA MMA. I’m not against Heyman being involved in mixed martial arts but he’s gonna have to take shit up a notch if he wants to hang in this industry.