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Paul Daley’s retirement lasts 2 months

Me is so confused. The last we heard of Paul Daley, he was being very mysterious by announcing his retirement due to “unforeseen developments in my current contract with Pro Elite”. Everyone was flipping out because Daley’s got the potential to be the best MMA fighter out of England … yes, even better than His Holiness Michael Bisping.

I don’t know why we were worried though – if there’s one thing I’ve learned over my extensive year and a half of covering this sport, it’s that fighters have no idea what “retirement” really means. Perhaps “taking a vacation” or “going to go play darts for a while” would have been a better description of Daley’s plans, because a short two and a half months later, he’s back in action:

Paul Daley will return to British shores for his next fight with an appearance on UK promotion Cagewarriors scheduled for July.

The welterweight standout is signed to EliteXC but has been given permission to deviate from his exclusive contract to fight for Cagewarriors.

I’m not going to complain too much … Paul’s a good fighter and I’m glad to have him back. But honestly, I’d rather see him in EliteXC where I can actually see him. Ya know, on TV? He’s got such cheeky post-fight comments with such a cute little accent.