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Paul Daley wants to Nick Diaz his career

Paul Daley continues to say stuff that ain’t helping his career. Here’s his wise and deep pontifications on the difference between Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta:

“I kind of got the impression from the first time I met him that [Dana] didn’t like me,” Daley said. “He’s like that you know. There have been a bunch of unnecessary UFC releases, and I guess if Dana likes somebody he will give them chances, if not, he will let them go. I’ve only spoken to Dana after the Dustin Hazelett fight, and I spoke to him just initially when I entered the UFC, literally just two times.”

Despite apologizing for his actions at UFC 113 against Koscheck, Daley claims White failed to respond to him personally.

“On the other note, Lorenzo, I’ve spoken to him a bunch of times,” Daley stated. “He was the one who came up and said, ‘Well done Paul, you got the Hazelett KO of the night bonus.’ He came to me for the Nick Diaz fight, like came to me out of his way personally, and came into the locker room and said, ‘good luck.’

“It’s quite funny, I’ve seen both of them (while coaching Winner against Anthony Njokuani at UFC 132) and Dana walked straight passed me. He’s like, you know, I’m guessing I was in his line of sight, and he walks passed me. And Lorenzo walks passed and stops and he greets me. I think that shows the character of different individuals. I just think Lorenzo Fertitta is a real cool guy. It is funny how the real guy, the guy with the money, the real boss behind the scenes, is the coolest guy and the front man can be a bit of a problem.”

Oh yeah that Dana White, he’s the fake boss. He can be a bit of a problem. After you suckerpunch someone on a PPV, he turns into a right cock. What’s his problem? Stupid jerk.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Maybe Pauly needs to understand that sometimes people don’t like douchebags… even other douchebags

  • kvelertak says:

    Too bad Daley isn’t that good.

  • Billytk says:

    I hate to defend Dana but all Pauls’ problems are the direct result of what a douche bag he is. The sucker punch after the bell on a PPV would have gotten anyone (with the possible exception of Chuck and Forrest) fired and missing weight on a regular basis is a fast way to get in the dog house to begin with and I think all the STUPID shit he says speaks for itself. Honestly I’m shocked he’s still around anywhere in any organization.

  • CAP says:

    I like watching him fight so it would be nice if he could get it together.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    Why would Dana dislike Paul Daley?

    1) He misses weight every other fight without any sort of apology or embarrassment

    2) He refuses to learn any significant amount of wrestling, then whines incessantly anytime a wrestler refuses to stand with the most dangerous KO artist in the division

    3) He sucker-punched another fighter on a live PPV because of reason #2

    4) Even after being ejected from the UFC (reason #3) he never apologizes and his only remorse is that he didn’t KO Koscheck with the illegal blow

    5) He badmouths Dana White non-stop for doing what any competent promoter would do after a fighter went out of their way to disgrace the organization/sport

    Josh Barnett has a better chance of making it back to the UFC than Paul ever will.

    If you act like a spoiled shit you better at least win the fights that matter. Paul Daley will knock out anyone in the mid-to-lower levels that’s foolish enough to stand with him. Yet he’ll lose to a contender every single time out and he talks like he’s better than GSP. Hope he’s saving his money because BAMMA won’t even put up with his shit for too much longer and Zuffa’s door will be closed to him for a long time.


  • frickshun says:

    I think Lorenzo is totes cool w/him b/c the UFC is like a pet hamster to him. It’s cute & fun but if it died tomorrow, he’d flush it down the toilet & probably not replace it.

  • steve4192 says:

    Dana & Lorenzo love playing ‘Good cop, bad cop’, featuring Dana in the role of ‘bad cop’.

    Paul is moron if he believes Lorenzo feels any differently about him than Dana does. Dana is a Fertitta sock puppet. Everything he does must meet their approval, including his treatment of overweight cheapshot artists.

  • CAP says:

    You seen his guns lately? He is making this his full time gig. Didn’t Lorenzo step down from his casino position to focus on the UFC.

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    he stepped down a while ago. frank runs station casinos now.

  • hass100 says:

    What a spaz daley is.

    If that sucker punch happened on fox it might knock the sport back a couple of years.

    Daley deserves the cold shoulder. Stop crying and accept a career in bamma you unprofessional prick.