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Patrick Cote’s Facebook slip

Patrick Cote is quickly learning what many 14 year old girls have already learned the hard way: any salacious pictures that get taken will eventually find their way onto the webs, and if you’re not extra careful you’re gonna end up with your T&A on display across the entire internet. In Patrick Cote’s case, he’s had some ’embarrassing’ photos of himself showing off his ass while drunk escape from his Facebook account. Or someone else’s account. Photo tagging: it’s the devil’s creation I tell you!

These photos seem to be causing a stir because everyone thinks Patrick shouldn’t be drinking while training for Anderson Silva. Personally, I don’t think it’s a very big deal. Judging Cote’s training regiment based on one night of photos is about as smart as taking his trainer’s word that he’s ‘in the best shape of his life’ – funny how everyone says that, isn’t it? The truth is probably nowhere near either end of the spectrum, so you might as well not bother trying to glean too much meaning out of this stuff.

The issue that comes to mind here is how fighters are feeling more and more like they have to watch what they say or do. You’ve got fighters being let go over comments in interviews, over blog posts they’ve made, and who knows what else? Perhaps photos could do the trick too? It’s all fun and games for us until Cote gets let go by the UFC for ‘not taking his title shot seriously’. I doubt that will happen in this case, but you simply never know how shit will play out any more. The moment a narrative shifts into gear that Cote parties too hard and doesn’t take his job seriously, who’s to say how it will play out down the road.

My main fear is that this kind of shit will only get worse until MMA fighters are like hockey players: they don’t say shit to anyone about anything for fear of getting fined or reprimanded. And that would make covering MMA really fucking boring. Do I have a solution? Not really. But I just thought I’d put it out there as to why fighters get upset about stuff like this.