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Patrick Cote wants another shot at Anderson Silva

The only thing worse than getting clowned like Thales Leites got clowned is getting clowned how Patrick Cote got clowned. At least Leites understood what was happening and knew that he was completely outclassed. Cote still thinks he held his own against the Spider and that making it to round three was a result of his testicular fortitude rather than Anderson Silva doing his bizarro world thang. And now that Cote’s knee is healing up, he’s starting to bang the drum for a rematch:

“I want a big fight right away. I want a top five or top ten guy. I already say that to the UFC management. They say they are able to do it. They are going to give me a top guy, for sure,” he told MMAWeekly.

“My goal is to have another title fight. I’ll fight anybody, but I do this sport to be No.1, to be world champion,” stated Cote, before adding, “I will run after a title fight again, but even if Anderson Silva is not the champion anymore, I want a rematch with him. Not because I hate the guy, but because I just want to finish this business. I want a real decision on this fight.”

The Patrick Cote fight was a giant mistake the first time the UFC allowed it to be booked and would be more of the same the second time around. At this point, every fight left on Anderson Silva’s current UFC contract needs to be lovingly and carefully picked. No more unworthy opponents like Cote, please and okay? Unless Anderson pulls another dickface performance out, in which case I’d be happy with him stuck against Patrick Cote again. And again. And again and again until he goes away and never comes back.