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Patrick Cote doesn’t deserve to get his ass kicked by Anderson Silva

When they started talking about Patrick Cote vs Ricardo Almeida as being for a title shot, I thought it was just meaningless blather to try and hype up the importance of an otherwise unimportant fight. Ya know, like what they did with Michael Bisping vs Rashad Evans? But as more time went on, they kept pimping the title shot angle to the point that Dana White actually penciled in the winner of the fight to face Anderson Silva sometime in the Fall.

Well, if that prospect didn’t seem like a joke before the fight even happened, it certainly does now. Patrick Cote looked like shit. Ricardo Almeida had flashes of brilliance but looks like he needs three or four more fights before he maybe possibly might be ready for a title shot. Or not. But at this point, I’m really hoping Dana does what he did to Andrei Arlovski after his match against Wedrum: ditch the title shot idea because the fight sucked. Because as much as I enjoy watching anyone get pounded by Anderson Silva, it’d be pretty lame to have Patrick Cote get a shot based on his performance tonight.