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Pat Miletich’s stalker unveiled!

I’ve been following the story of Pat Miletich’s insane stalker for a while now, from his early days attacking Pat and his gyms to the time the whackjob tried to start an “MMA Assassin” service. I’ve never really done much else other than share his insane ramblings and mock him, but now Bullshido has the full story on the situation … and it’s extremely long and fucked up:

The now-defunct website claimed to be authored by a man named “Ramon Vasquez” operating out of Mexico. Attempts to identify Vasquez led nowhere. Most people started questioning Vasquez’s claims; wondering how a man in Mexico could know so much about a gym in Iowa as well as its nationwide affiliates. Vasquez’s story did not add up. Most posters noted the probability of some kind of vendetta by a yet-unnamed person. That person turned out to be David Kujawski of Minnesota, who for a brief time owned an MFS-affiliated club and had worked for the MFS organization.

Pat Miletich wanted to take MFS nationwide and thought he had found the right man for the job, David Kujawski. Instead he hired an episodically mentally ill pro-se litigator and cyber-defamation artist. Four years later a battle continues in cyberspace that seems as lengthy and heated as a championship grudge match.

Pat Miletich isn’t the only guy who’s got a crazy psycho hater type guy. Chuck Liddell also has one, a former friend who went off the deep end after some conflagaration over a terrible Myspace copy called MMAJacked that Liddell was funding. Isn’t being famous fun?

(via MMA Journalist)