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Pat Miletich vs half the gangsters of Chicago


When We Were Bouncers returns with another harrowing tale from a UFC fighter who used to bounce. This time it’s Pat Miletich and of course this crazy story goes down at a Davenport strip club and involves several dozen gang members starting a brawl.

As soon as the brawl kicked off, I had no idea what was happening to the other bouncers because I was totally preoccupied with fending for myself. Right away I got clamped in a side headlock by somebody, which actually ended up working in my favour because the guy’s head was pressed against mine and protected me on that side.

A lot of the guys were wearing their coats inside, so I was able to fight back by grabbing them by their jackets. Every time I got hold of someone, I’d pull him in and put his head on one side of mine with the headlock-guy’s head still pressed against the other. That protected me on both sides, and it kept anybody from getting clean shots on me.

Who I had by the jacket, I’d pull his lapel across his throat and choke him unconscious with it. Then I’d drop him, grab another guy, and repeat the process. I left a trail of four or five bodies as I worked my way toward the door, with the dummy who was headlocking me never realizing that he was helping me out the whole time. When I finally got to the door, I slid backwards out of the headlock and snatched the guy in a standing rear choke, then backed outside while using him as a human shield.

As usual with WWWB, there’s multiple stories. Go read the other one, which involves a pitchfork wielding Miletich fighting dudes with bats. It’s like a weaponized early UFC event. WHICH WEAPON IS BETTER? PITCHFORK VS BAT!