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Pat Miletich hates his hater

Sherdog has an interesting article up called “12 Questions for Pat Miletich” where Pat addresses the nutjob who’s been harassing him for years and years, claiming that Pat is the devil and that he runs a den of sin out of his training center.

Q: What occupies most of your time when you’re not fighting?
A: Family for the most part. And other things with business ventures and stuff like that. For about two years now, a guy who did marketing for me – has been sending out mass e-mails and building Web sites with slanderous stuff about me and my gym. A judge handed down a $2.1 million judgment against him for what he’s done to me. The guy – is on the run in California now and still up to his tricks, sending out mass e-mails to people saying that I’m closing my gym and all that stuff.

Everything that you read, all these negative things that are going out to everybody, understand who it’s coming from and that basically none of it’s true. I told him he was no longer going to be part of the organization because he was threatening lawsuits around people that I did business with.

It’s pretty shitty that a question like this would have one sentence about family, one sentence about business, and then two paragraphs on some douchebag motherfucker who keeps spreading lies about you. But I guess that’s what happens when you run into someone who would win a gold medal if hating were in the Olympics.

Past that one post I mentioned above, I’ve largely ignored Pat’s stalker.   While I found all the soap opera accusations to be amusing, the dude has really gone off the deep end. I still get emails on a monthly basis, and they have now graduated to claiming Pat was involved in a child porn ring, is the father of Jens Pulver’s baby, and was the leader of an interstellar plot to go back in time to rescue Adolf Hitler, paint him black, and win him the US presidency under the name Barack Hussein Obama.

Oh by the way, Miletich will be coming out of retirement this weekend to face Thomas Denny at Adrenaline’s second show. No word yet on if Hitler Obama will be there.