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Pat Barry’s hand ‘disintegrated’

After he apparently pissed away what was looking like a sure win against Crocop in the latter half of their fight, a lot of people gave Pat Barry tons of shit for basically making a friend in the cage instead of finishing an opponent. Then the news came out that he had broken his hand AND foot in the fight. But even with pictures showing his foot swelled up to Andre the Giant proportions, many still didn’t quite wrap their heads around the seriousness of his injuries. Ben Fowlkes, wordsmith that he is, penned a long article on the subject to give people a fuller appreciation for the situation:

“The world couldn’t see it because the camera wasn’t close enough to my face, but as soon as I broke my hand – that was the second punch I landed that knocked him down – as soon as it happened, my lip was starting to tremble, and for two reasons. One, it hurt terribly. And two, I honestly thought that was going to be the end of my career. I never would have guessed that it was only one broken bone. I felt like all the bones in my hand were, like, entirely disintegrated.”

It didn’t take “Cro Cop” long to notice the change that had come over his opponent. One minute he’d been knocked flat on his backside by a right hand from Barry, then it was as if Barry had decided to completely abandon the weapon that had been working so well, and Filipovic didn’t know why. Rather than guess at the reason, he went straight to the source.

“We were on the ground in the second and he was on top of me punching me and he asked me what was wrong,” said Barry. “He said, ‘What’s wrong with you? Why’d you stop fighting?’ I told him, ‘I broke my hand,’ and he was like, ‘Bullsh*t.’ I said, ‘No sir. My hand is broken. That hand is gone.'”

While this definitely takes Barry’s testicles and inflates them in the minds of MMA fans across the net, it also takes away what little gloss Crocop’s win over Barry ended up having. Let’s face it: Barry was owning Crocop until the hand injury, and still managed to do okay afterwards. And as usual I hate to keep bringing this up but Barry hasn’t proven himself to be much more than the Little Engine that Occasionally Could. Oh Mirko. You’re washed up.