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Partnership FAIL

Here’s an oldy that I missed talking about because I was too busy being a bitch over the past week. That Affliction / Golden Boy partnership that was going to “CHANGE THE WORLD OF MIXED MARTIAL ARTS”? Yeah, it’s gone from half baked to ineffective to a complete clusterfuck:

A few months ago, Affliction announced its deal with Golden Boy Promotions and crowed that this would be a major challenge to the UFC.   A few weeks ago, we heard that it would no longer be a mixed show, and instead would be a pure MMA show.   Now it appears that Golden Boy is putting a boxing show on HBO on January 24, the same night as Affliction’s PPV.

Dave Meltzer reports in the November 5 Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Golden Boy Promotions will feature Antonio Margarito vs. Shane Mosley on HBO on January 24, 2008.   That is a pretty big fight and it will air opposite of Affliction, on (almost) free TV.

I think someone over at Affliction needs to look up the dictionary definition of “partnership.” I have a feeling that maybe Tom Atencio picked up a thesaurus instead and accidentally looked up the antonym for the word: Oh, competition? That’s what partnership means? Awesome. Affliction and Golden Boy are PARTNERING. Yep.