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Paperwork, not hepatitis

Aleksander Emelianenko has finally offered up a reason for being pulled off the Affliction card last second: late paperwork.

I passed the medical board and my license to fight was obtained without any problems. But the fact is that in California the commission is very rigid for admittance. One of the main conditions to let you fight is the ability to pass all of your tests on time. I had to be in America by July 13, the Visa was only good until the fourteenth and my tickets were purchased in advance for the fifteenth. On the whole, I was late. They thought the organizers could agree and settle the problem but they quickly found out they would not be able to get me on the card.

On one hand, it’s great news that those Hep stories might not be true. On the other hand, don’t you love how paperwork being filed a little late can result in a fighter getting pulled off a card 5 minutes before he’s scheduled to weigh in? You get the feeling that the CSAC springs this shit on fighters last second just so that there’s not enough time to contest or resolve the situation. That’s up there with canceling Christmas on Christmas morning and returning all the unopened presents to the store.