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Pants on fire

Yesterday, two major MMA websites passed along Tom Atencio’s claims that Gilbert Yvel had been cleared to fight in California for Affliction’s second event. The problem with this? Gilbert Yvel has NOT been cleared to fight in California. The decision isn’t set to be made until January.

Up until this point, Atencio has been a bit of a space cadet when it comes to giving out information but I think this is the first time he’s knowingly told a complete lie. And let’s not pussyfoot around. If Tom is saying Yvel has been cleared when the hearing hasn’t even happened, that’s a lie. There might be mitigating circumstances, like the CSAC implying to Atencio that there won’t be a problem. But I kinda doubt that … the temp head for the commission has made it clear that he considers the Yvel decision to be an important one. The idea of the commission rubber stamping the dude before the hearing actually takes place might have made sense under Armando Garcia’s reign, but not so much anymore.