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Pants on Fire: Leah to Pose Nude

Contra to most other meaty mansports, MMA seems to attract an inordinate number of fans from the “drama club and Warhammer” demographic. For that reason, the latest word from MMARated is sure to garner extremely overblown (or underblown, like MMA’s constituency) reaction:

(Rachelle Leah) did appear in the October 2006 edition of Playboy as a “Babe of the Month” which meant she was, you know, fully clothed. Well, fear not, as has learned that Leah’s pictorial will be of the naked variety.

The turn from the barely concealed nipple to full-frontal is something all Hots take very seriously. Being a card-carrying nookie girl is not a decision to be taken lightly. Personally, it’s a bit surprising she was the first to truly nook out seeing as it seemed like she actually had a personality, unlike the other dead-behind-the-eyes ring girls (Harkness’ whipping horse Edith doesn’t count since she falls into the rebound ring girl category). The fact that Leah is playing the nakie card raises some questions of whether she’s feeling underutilized in her current role, whatever that really is. This may signal the end of the bi-centurial UFC All Access series as Leah moves on to greener, nuder pastures.