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Palhares and Horn put on a meh grappling match

It must suck to have been one of the great submission artists of your day and then slowly but surely watch as every up and coming meathead kid with a blue belt starts owning you. While that’s not exactly what happened with Jeremy Horn tonight (Rousimar Palhares IS a black belt after all), you get the feeling that that is the way things are going for Horn.

I don’t know if it’s a credit to Horn or a gripe against Palhares that the fight didn’t end in the first round. Palhares had Horn giving up his back several times, and if Palhares hadn’t gotten bored / shamed / disinterested in pounding on Horn, the fight would have been stopped pretty quickly. Instead, Palahares let off on Horn and then spent the next two rounds looking gassed.

Even then, Horn could barely do more than hold onto Palhares and go along for the ride. There were no real flashes of brilliance and even when Horn was given openings from his opponent, he still wasn’t able to capitalize. At this point I have to wonder: what’s Horn still doing in the UFC?