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Here’s a mass message I just got from

I wanted you to be the first ones to know that we will be announcing on Monday that ProElite, Inc., the parent company of, has completed the filing process with the SEC to begin trading its stock on the open market. We are excited about this and hope for continued growth of the sport we love and Check it out at:

This is so fresh the stock charts haven’t even started working. Make sure to check out the stock charts for the IFL and Art of War promotions for a little insight into how this will probably go.

Past some quick and dirty financing, I have no idea why these fight companies keep turning to the stock market. The stock market doesn’t care about mixed martial arts. The stock market doesn’t even understand it. I think the best proof of this comes from an article in Barrons which states:

The question for investors is whether the sport is a fad, or an up-and-coming wrestling replacement.

You know things are bad when *at best* you’re a replacement for pro wrestling. For all the talk about mainstream acceptance, MMA still isn’t taken seriously as a real sport by the majority of institutions. Every major newspaper will report on horse racing and bike riding, but unless someone wants to write a hack op-ed piece, MMA ain’t getting covered.

Finally, there is the financial aspect of things : by starting big instead of building up, these companies are losing buckets of cash. Just once I’d like to see someone with big money come in and help an already established and respected group like Icon or King of the Cage steadily grow to the next level with a proper five year business plan that doesn’t involve losing nearly 10 million dollars a year.

There seems to be a trend lately of jiu jitsu teachers beating their students when they get a new belt. Last week it was Cesar Gracie and a good 50+ students wailing on Nick Diaz. This week’s hazing comes courtesy of Jorge Gurgel, who’s decided to take things to the next level. No running. No pussy slaps with sparring pads. These two guys have to take a whipping from every single classmate.

Let me tell you something: if I ever work my way up to that level, I’m gonna make it clear that anyone who whips me hard is gonna get the dreaded scrotum kimura next time we roll.

-Hat Tip: Sprawl ‘N Brawl

Between massive database issues and general site problems, it has been a rough administrative week for me here at Fortunately I had the pleasure of being one of the guest bloggers over at and working on the blog there made me reconsider my choice of site formats. So I’m throwing my hat back into the blog ring and changing the format of this site. Sure, there’s a lot of MMA blogs out there. But most of them suck. I promise I won’t become another shitty blog regurgitating the same old stuff. If you’re looking for news, go somewhere else. If you’re looking for interesting and occasionally offensive commentary, then stick around.

If you liked the old fightlinker format, I encourage you to check out, it’s built on the same engine and is basically the same thing. If you’re interested in picking up where i left off, shoot me an email at [email protected] Past that, enjoy the new site.

Tucked down at the bottom of Sherdog’s results article for Friday’s Art of War show was this little lineup preview for their next event:

The Art of War picks back up in late June with a card featuring Jeremy Horn (Pictures), Jeff Monson (Pictures), Pedro Rizzo (Pictures) and Ricco Rodriguez (Pictures).

Considering Friday’s show was headlined by Wes Sims vs some dude and David L’Oiseau vs some dude, this is a pretty impressive step up. However, I still don’t have much faith in the likelihood of these guys making it in the long run. Official attendance for this event was reported at 2800 people. That’s roughly around what most medium scale promoters in Canada are pulling without any star power. Anyways, now I just hope they manage to stay afloat long enough for the next Art of War show, which actually looks like it could be half decent.

You know things are going bad when even your fan sites are shitting on your product. UFC Mania’s recap of the first half of TUF5’s season goes something like this: the show is a joke and the contestants are bottom of the barrel fighters. Key quote:

Jeff Foxworthy once said: “If you mix pond scum with raw sewage you ain’t gettin’ Evian”. So too does it hold true that if you put a group of inexperienced drama queens in a steel cage you ain’t gettin’ Couture/Liddell.

Personally, I’m enjoying season 5 more than season 4, but that’s not saying much. I’d rather drown a kitten than sit through season 4 again. But I do agree with what these guys are saying: there’s gotta be some middle ground where talented fighters, exciting matches, and interesting personality come together to create a show that isn’t a steaming pile of dogshit.

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