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Originally when I heard that Mike Pyle was pissed with EliteXC, I figured stories would come out justifying his position. I mean, this is Gary Shaw we’re talking about: a big fat tracksuit wearing boxing promoter. He’s gotta run his shit shady and treat people like shit. But now the details are coming out and Mike Pyle is looking like quite the douche:

Mouth: Yes absolutely, so does it make you upset when someone like Gina Carano is being…

Pyle: THANK YOU! Thank you very much. This is a woman! I’m being put behind a woman to be on the undercard. I don’t have time for that man! That, right there gives me the idea that they don’t-and some of the people they chose to promote can’t even stay out of fucking jail long enough to make their fight.

Don’t think I’m taking that quote out of context. Over at FightOpinion they got the rest of his tirade and Pyle keeps up the fact that as a man he deserves a spot above women because women’s MMA is a joke. Also worth reading are the ignorant fucking comments from people who agree “Yeah, female MMA *is* a joke!”

Hey, I dunno what fucking shows people are watching. I’m sure there’s boatloads of shitty female MMA out at Wild Bob’s MMA and Chicken Wing Night, but to say there’s no quality female MMA is RETARDED. In fact, the main reason I don’t get to see more good female MMA is because of dumb rednecks who think women don’t deserve divisions and organizations to fight in. Fuck you guys.

While I agree that I’m not the biggest fan of how Gary Shaw runs his female division, I do understand from a business perspective that he’s growing the division the best way he can: by marketing marketable fighters. Maybe if Mike “Pyle of Shit” had a more marketable name, he wouldn’t be stuck in the undercards. Or maybe if he hadn’t just washed out of the IFL. Just a thought.

Like father, like son. Yesterday we mentioned that boxing something-or-other Kelly Pavlik put his moneymaker … er, I mean hands … through a window and would need 100 stitches. Now it seems like the stupid didn’t fall too far from the stupid tree. Kelly’s dad and manager Mike Pavlik forgot Kelly’s paycheck for beating Jermaine Taylor in the hotel:

“It’s about an hour from Atlantic City to Philadelphia and we were literally halfway there when out of nowhere, it just hit me,” Mike Pavlik said. “My heart stopped and I just knew I had made a big mistake.”

That mistake was leaving checks totally more than three-quarters of a million dollars on a countertop leaning against the coffee pot in their hotel room. In his excitement to get home, Mike Pavlik forgot to pick up the checks.

“I think I gave that maid probably the best tip she ever got,” he said, forcing a laugh. The new champion took the news as he takes pretty much everything else: Calmly and without a lot of excitement.

These guys seriously need to get their shit together. Next thing you know Kelly will be cutting bagels with a circular saw while his dad is sending a Nigerian investor his banking information.

Just an FYI. Everyone emailing me personally at [email protected] hasn’t been getting answered because my gmail account has been overloaded with WordPress notification emails. By the time most personal emails hit my box, they’re timestamped an hour or two ago and are off my front page.

I’m going through all the emails now … just so you know I’m not a conceited bastard who doesn’t respond to emails. Truth is … I love emails. I loves them to deaths. So write me. Especially if you ‘do stuff’.

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Oh yeah … I’ve wanted to do a Sir Mix-A-Lot joke for fucking ever. Thanks to Caleb at for the opportunity.

I like Adam Morgan, but he’s typically too nice and bland. He’s got a lot of good ideas but not enough pepper on his penis. But that has apparently changed because he just wrote a scathing review of the latest Rio Heroes show, and it’s got enough penis pepper to be worthy of Fightlinker!

I’d heard that the show was all fucked up, with the website collapsing under the weight of everyone watching, plus ‘server issues’ preventing them from using more than one camera. How that works, I dunno. My basic understanding of how things work is all cameras go into a console for mixing and then final product goes out to the computer for encoding and streaming. But hey … who knows what kind of retarded setups these guys are using.

The one thing in the forefront of my head after reading this article is FUCK: Fightlinker could be doing a better job running NHB fights streamed over the internet. Hmmmmmm….

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