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Yeah, I know I’m pulling a BloodyElbow and just linking to other sites with very minimal commentary. I’m just giving my brain a little bit of a rest before blowing a veritable load of juicy content all over this blog.

But for now, if you’re not at work (or if you’re at work and like to live dangerously), go to 5 Ounces and take a look at this picture of new horse faced UFC ring girl’s vagina piercing.

Looks like Brock Lesnar better make a lot of money fast in the UFC, because the day athletic commissions start testing for Human Growth Hormones, he’s FUCKED.

Ah … people and their dumb senses of right and wrong. Check this out:

When his best friend lost the season’s first fight and opted to leave the “The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra” early, Matt Serra threatened to sever all ties with Joe Scarola.

Saying he stayed true to his word, coach Serra confirmed on Tuesday that he no longer has a relationship with Scarola, who was his first-round pick on the Spike TV reality series.

Yes, staying true to your word is ‘honorable’ … but hey, whatever happened to staying true to your friends? And Joe Scarola was more than Serra’s friend … Joe was also an assistant coach at Serra’s jiu jitsu school.

Overall, I don’t really give a fuck how much of a sloppy vagina Joe Scarola turned out to be. You’re either the kind of guy who accepts their friend’s faults or the kind of guy who turns on their friends when the going gets tough. No matter how ‘good’ Matt Serra is coming off and how ‘team-centered’ he’s trying to come across as, I’m not about to forget the fact that he’ll turn on you in a second if you fuck with his shit.

Of course, this isn’t the first bit of two-faced bastardry that Serra has been involved with. Serra’s entire disliking of Matt Hughes was based on Hughes’ treatment of GSP. But then Serra had GSP barred from training with Renzo Gracie over some out of context remarks Georges even apologized for. Overall, the guy seems easy to make an enemy out of and pretty vindictive for a ‘nice guy’.

From Kevin Iole’s MMA mailbag:

Why is steroid testing random? If steroid usage is such a problem right now, why not just test every fighter all the time? That way, the fighters know full well that they’ll be tested. Dana White keeps saying that steroid use is a problem; well, I would think that if the fighters knew that everyone is going to be tested after a fight, they’d think twice about doing it.

Ryan Sarazin
Sudbury, Ont.

All fighters are subject to testing after fights, though not all fighters are tested. But if a fighter is using steroids, he can cycle off in time for a fight and then test clean even though he’s using. By having random testing, when a fighter could be tested at any point during his training camp, he won’t be able to do that.

Did I miss something here? Since when has ‘random testing’ been in practice as Kevin Iole describes? Hey … I’m all for it being like this – like Iole says, the current system of testing is about as easy to pass as a skill testing question for a breakfast cereal sweepstakes. If the UFC (or any organization, for that matter) has actually put random testing in place, then that’s awesome news.

Or it could just be wrong.

**UPDATE** The Yahoo guys have cleaned up the answer and added an ‘IF’ in their post to correct their mistake. I’m waiting for my copy editor check in the mail, guys.

Okay, right on the heels of saying “bye Ali” we now say “Hello nurse!” to the new maybe-permanent ring girl. Here’s the deets on her:

Word on the street, her name is Edith Larente. Edith’s a Canadian, Montreal native, 25 years of age, and last night was in deed her debut.

Out of all the hot Montreal bitches, the UFC had to hire the one who looks like a spray tan Alanis Morissette. Oh yeah, and the one who also has a bunch of slutty pictures of her with grapes on her vagina.

I’m willing to bet that this chick has porn out there somewhere … Montreal is the Canadian capital for porno, and this chick definately looks familiar to me. I’ve probably already masturbated to her on one of the many Montreal based porn websites.

All in all, I give a general thumbs down. She’s got retarded bazooka breasts and her expression most of the time is akin to someone sucking on a rotten egg. She deserves to be one of those EliteXC dancing tramps, not an Octagon girl.

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