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Hey, all you angsty people who have nothing better to do than bitch about the UFC! Next time you want to say the UFC is pushing Chuck Liddell way harder than they’ll ever push Rampage, just point them to this Dell commercial, which would have been 1000 times funnier if it had been starring the good humored Rampage instead of the wooden and tubby Iceman.

For those of you who don’t have totally sweet memory like I do, Rich Bergeron is that guy everyone called a crackpot who spent a whole lot of time and energy on proving that Xyience was nothing but a front for screwing over investors.

After a good year or so of Rich’s nagging and reporting, Xyience decided they were gonna sue Rich for fucking their shit up. But now it seems like Rich and Xyience are on the brink of kissing and making up. From Rich’s website:

I just returned from an all expenses paid trip to UFC 78 courtesy of Xyience, Incorporated. This is the same company with a lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada that seeks $25 million from me. My trip provided several revelations that will come out soon. During the time I have been “off the radar” with my writing because of this case serious developments have been dropping like atom bombs. I refrained from writing about them due to this case, but the complete truth is starting to emerge.

I may not have had all the facts in the past. I will now accomplish a much further probe into the activities at Xyience. The new in-depth Xyience investigation will report whatever I discover and outline all the new players. Xyience has always been a good company at heart, and I have always wanted to make sure the name and the brand could persevere without the interruption of all the questionable activity at the heart of my series.

Stay tuned for what is sure to be a compelling continuation of this series.

Well howdy! What a change an all expense paid trip to UFC78 will make. Props to Rich for starting the post out with full disclosure. On the other hand, jeez! Talk about sleeping with the enemy. It’s not like Rich was at the top of my list of objective journalists … in fact, he was somewhere down there with Kevin Iole and those ‘MMA Scoops’ guys. But still … how we’re going to buy all this stuff when it looks like Rich is on the Xyience gravy train is beyond me.

But hey … I gotta hand it to Rich. He spent a long time shitting on Xyience and is finally getting something other than a big lawsuit for it. I can only hope we here at Fightlinker get some of that sweet sweet hush money too someday!


Poor Alberto Crane. I’m amazed he’s even back in the UFC again after the hurt Roger Huerta put on him in his last fight. And now he’s gonna have to face off against Kurt Pellegrino.

Upside: Kurt probably won’t punch Alberto in the face as much as Huerta did.

Downside: While Kurt’s gas tank didn’t hold up against Joe Stevenson, I have no doubt he’ll outlast Crane.

Result: 1 awesome round of back and forth jiu jitsu, followed by a gassed Crane getting rear naked choked. Should be pretty entertaining!

The UFC has smartened up a bit and is matching two Brits against eachother for the Newcastle show, because God knows whenever they put a UK fighter in the ring with a REAL fighter, they always lose. Haha, just kidding. But seriously now, they do.

So it makes sense that if you put two British fighters against eachother, at least one will win! Unless of course both fighters manage to lose somehow, which I wouldn’t put it past them. Because they’re British. And the British are just really bad at MMA.

But hey, at least this is a sign the UFC is trying to lock in and develop more authentic UK stars instead of relying on Michael ‘Sinking Ship’ Bisping.

Oh yeah, the two fighter’s names are Paul Taylor and Paul Kelly. That’s why it’s a Battle of the Pauls. Me so witty!

Zombie-PRIDE is up to it’s old tricks by announcing fighters who aren’t fighting on their card. A few of the names in their list seemed kinda fishy from the get go, but I don’t hold sketchy Japanese promotions up to the same level of professionalism as I do with American companies.

Anyways, the first fighters to come out and say “I’m doing what when? Huh?” is Ricardo Arona, who cited ‘personal problems’ as the reason he’s not fighting and stated he wouldn’t be fighting until next year. Who will be next on the “I’m not fighting at this” train? My bet is Gilbert Melendez or Hellboy Hansen.

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