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Last week, Fedor stunned the universe by defending his Open-Weight Combat Sambo title in Prague in front of a rousing crowd of dozens. In other words, no one bothered to come check it out, even with Fedor’s involvement. Hell, even two of Fedor’s opponents didn’t make it to their matches, meaning Fedor won by default after one fight. Fedor’s thoughts on the tournament:

“This fourth gold medal ended up being the strangest. For the first time in my career all my opponents refused to step on the mat. I admit similar situations have happened, they’ve asked me to hit more softly on the head to avoid injuries. Not to mention in the 2002 Worlds, when I signed up for the competition, 7 fighters immediately quit the tournament, but what happened this time in Prague had never happened to me before,” declared the former Pride champion.

For all the bluster of Fedor being the ‘face of Combat Sambo’, it seems pretty clear at this point that no one but Fedor wants Fedor competing. All he’s doing is keeping other Sambo guys from winning some medals and fame for themselves. It’s like Barry Bonds showing up at a t-ball tournament and crushing everyone year after year. Give it up, man. You’re #1, we fucking get it.

Other sites might be trying to make this out as proof that the UFC really shouldn’t have been anti-Combat Sambo, but I don’t buy it. The Combat Sambo thing was probably a footnote at the bottom of the crazy demands Fedor’s management was asking for.

My take on this is similar to my take on Mark Hunt’s new pro wrestling career or Josh Barnett fighting a cross dresser … I find it sad that these guys are reduced to doing this lame shit instead of fighting the biggest matches of their lives in front of tens of thousands.

For God’s sake, this is like the beginning of a bad movie sequel where the main character re-assembles the team and finds his comrades doing all sorts of embarrassing shit to make ends meet.

If you were like Adam Morgan and thought the last RioHeroes was a steaming pile of dog shit, you weren’t alone. Apparently the ‘president’ of RioHeroes agrees with you, and is giving away the next episode for free to prove his product doesn’t suck:

We will now be giving away RioHeroes 12, the middleweight championship, for free on Nov. 27th, 2007. We know that it is only through our viewers support that we will be able to continue to broadcast and want to thank you for your understanding. Proper adjustments will be taken for the next tournament to ensure that the website will be able to handle such a heavy load.

Hey, I don’t really give most promotions second chances when the first chance turns out so poorly. But free is free, and I don’t have anything better to do next Tuesday. So lets just hope they don’t get overloaded again on account of it being free. That would just be embarrassing.

If I were to imagine how Dana White’s thanksgiving was going, I would have thought he was busy being thankful for UFC 79 having a solid lineup with not one but TWO high-caliber main events. He was probably thankful because UFC79 was going to wash the sour taste of UFC76 and 78 out of everyone’s mouths.

Of course imagination and reality are very different. Which is lucky for all women in the universe because in my imagination they are my sex slaves and I dominate them like a middle eastern warlord. As for Dana White’s shitty reality thanksgiving, he spent it being not very thankful that Matt Serra has just pulled out of his fight against Matt Hughes:

Serra will have to withdraw from the UFC 79 card on December 29th due to an injury sustained during training earlier this week.

The current UFC welterweight champion, who was scheduled to fight Matt Hughes on the year-end card, suffered a herniated disc in his lower back on Monday following a routine training session in his Long Island gym.

“This is devastating news because they were so looking forward to fighting each other,” said White. “Unfortunately injuries happen and I look forward to Serra recovering quickly, and to getting him back into the Octagon.”

Who knows what this means for the welterweight division … there hasn’t been a title defense since April and now it looks like things are on hold yet again, and God only knows for how fucking long. The interwebs are deepthroating a thousand and one names for who Hughes should fight instead of Serra, but I seriously doubt the UFC is going to risk fucking up all their TUF-related plans to stick Hughes in the ring against some random dude.

Sam Caplan thinks the UFC is gonna replace Hughes-Serra with another high profile match, and had this to say:

The UFC has been in this position before and have come through in the clutch so there’s no reason to think they won’t get creative and come up with a intriguing match to replace Hughes vs. Serra. However, due to the timing and limited availability of marquee names, they will no doubt be put to the test.

Uuuuh, there’s lots of reasons to think they won’t come through:

  • Chuck vs Keith
  • Rich vs Okami
  • Bisping vs Evans

Dana White spent a month leading up to UFC78 trying to convince people that Bisping/Evans was a legit main event. I have no doubt they’re just going to slide Wand vs Chuck up, add an interesting but by no means groundbreaking match between some game lightweights, and call it a day. It’s not like there’s anything ‘wrong’ with Chuck vs Wand as a main event. It just sucks because Hughes/Serra and Chuck/Wand was like a one two punch for me.

If Mark Hunt working for HUSTLE wasn’t enough to break your heart, I’m sure this one will make many an MMA fan’s eyes tear up a bit: Josh Barnett will be in Japan over the New Year, but only for a catch wrestling match against welterweight weirdo Hikaru Sato.

Sato is pictured above … he’s the one wearing the maid’s outfit and cat ears. While the maid outfit isn’t what he normally wears, the fuzzy pink cat ears do make appearances in most of Sato’s other pictures.

Josh fights Sato and Fedor fights Hong Man Choi (possibly) proves that God does exist, and he hates humanity.

Everyone’s been oohing and aaahing BJ Penn’s stupid plan to take it easy and not fight that often:

BJ Penn, who will be taking on Joe Stevenson for the interim UFC lightweight belt in January, has a rough career plan outlined for himself based on longevity. He told, “I don’t want to do the five fights a year thing for three years and then I’m done, like all these fighters have done-I want to do one to two fights a year for the next ten years. I want to keep my name out there for the next ten years.”

Hey, that would be all well and good if the universe existed in a bubble and nothing changed over time. As it stands, BJ Penn is on the same cusp as Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell are … watching as the next generation of MMA fighters step up and take shit to the next level. They haven’t been pushed out yet and they’ll still be top tier for the next few years, but 5 years from now? Questionable. 10 years? No way in hell.

MMA is still a really young sport … in ten years you’re going to be seeing the first crop of kids who were brought up by rabid MMA fans … parents who sent their kids to martial arts schools with the idea of turning them into little Georges St Pierres and Randy Coutures. I can’t even imagine the skills this generation of fighters will bring to the table.

BJ Penn loves a challenge, so perhaps that’s what this is all about. There’s no real point for him fighting the Joe Stevensons of the lightweight division just to fight them. Waiting for the right opponents, challenging yourself with them, and not wasting your time on fights which aren’t really worth fighting … I can understand that.

But there’s a good chance BJ is gonna get left in the dust as the sport evolves, like Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, and Igor Vovchanchyn already have been.

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