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This is just a reminder that we already did this week’s show on Saturday night, right after the TUF6 Finale was over. You can go here to check out the show … it’s 60 minutes of good times. And for those of you subscribed to iTunes or who usually stream the show using our Talkshoe app, Saturday’s episode should appear sometime tomorrow in the morning.

Punch Drunk Gamer has an interview with Joe Stevenson where they go over the sketchy early years of his career where he fought underage in matches of dubious legal standings on Indian reservations. Now those were the freaking days.

PDG: Back to your career. Your first professional fight was at 16 yrs old and you had a submission victory. Don’t you have to be 18 yrs old to fight professionally?

Joe: Not back then if you were fighting on an Indian Reservation in California. I actually had my mom sign a waiver.

PDG: You started off well until you fought Pulver.

Joe: That will happen when you are 16. Your manager picks a tough fight for you and you don’t know the fighter that well. Back in the day there wasn’t nearly as much media coverage and scouting so you really didn’t know what your opponent’s style and strength’s were. Jens was tough then especially for a 16 yr old. I went into that fight really nervous as I had talked with him at the hotel before hand and I was kind of like WOW. Then during the fight he helped me out with a right hook to the face that broke my orbital bone.

It’s pretty crazy to think that Joe’s been in the game for so long. Oh, to remember the days when guys like Stevenson are the ones being selected for TUF … worthy guys with over 20 fights against quality fighters. I might not think Joe can get past BJ Penn, but I don’t think there are many other guys who’d be able to beat him at LW. In fact, I think he’d be harder for Sean Sherk to beat than BJ.

We’re not all fart jokes around here, and if you want to hear an interview where I drop some serious knowledge on fighting rather than just say “Shit you fuckers and lick my balls cocksuck bitches”, then check out this interview I do with the boys from Jarry Park. We break down the Guida/Huerta bet, the TUF finale, and preview Wednesday’s WEC card.

So go check it out!

Sam Caplan over at Five Ounces did a pretty hefty interview with Frank Trigg. Say what you will about Frank’s skills on a mic or in the ring, this guy is always a good interview if you like details and dirt on backroom wheeling and dealing. It’s worth reading in full, but here’s some summaries:

On why he was a free agent so long: Trigg says that all of the companies that approached him weren’t willing to let him continue his duties as a commentator for other organizations. Figures fighting is only 3 to 4 times a year but commentating was something he could do and make money off of every weekend if he wanted to. Let’s just hope for our sakes that he doesn’t.

On why the UFC hated him: Trigg verified the fact that UFC brass weren’t happy with him talking shit during the PRIDE shows, but explained that just like Bill Goldberg got a sheet with all the company and sponsors to shill, Trigg got a list of different ways to say “UFC sucks balls! Pride lives forever in potent and superior form!”

And of course, I can’t leave out my favorite quote:

Sam Caplan: Is there anything you are concerned about specifically for Edwin Dewees more so than you normally would be in a general sense?

Frank Trigg: I’m concerned with his blood test. He’s a bleeder. He bleeds a lot. I want to make sure I don’t get any blood on me and that if I do get any on me that he’s HIV negative and that he’s Hepatitis B and C negative.

Well what about Hepatitis A, Frank? What about Hepatitis A???

It looks like Evan Tanner has ended his general media blackout, because he just did an interview with the guys from MMAJunkie. No word on if the interview cost them a bottle of Jack Daniels or enrollment in Team Tanner, but however they swung it, I’m impressed. I’ve been sending Tanner’s MySpace 20 messages a week trying to get him to talk to us. Of course, most people know by now that by participating on the site you open yourself up to even more ridicule than you’d get if you just stayed the fuck away. We do it to ourselves, people :(

One of the interesting tidbits of info to come out of the MMAJunkie piece was that the UFC is apparently having trouble lining up an opponent for Tanner:

MMAJUNKIE.COM: But you said they’re having a hard time finding an opponent?

EVAN TANNER: Yes, they’ve offered the fight to four guys — four guys who have made a name for themselves in the division. Those four guys have all turned it down, so they’re still looking.

I suppose I can understand … defeat Tanner, and people will just say he was washed up anyways. But if Tanner comes back ready to beat you like he beat alcoholism, then you’re gonna get whupped, and badly. So there’s very little upside for all the risk you take in fighting him.

Of course, the fact that i ‘understand’ won’t stop me from calling out the guys who didn’t accept the Tanner fight. My bet is it was all TUF guys … Starnes, Leben, Grove, Herman. Yeah, you guys! While I have absolutely no evidence you were the ones who pussied out, I’m going to just assume it was you. Fucking pussies. As for who’s gonna end up in the Octagon against our boy, here’s my prediction: Alan Belcher steps up to the plate.

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