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MMAWeekly has the best picture around to give you a real idea of how ‘controversial’ the Filho-Sonnen stoppage was. I don’t know what’s the most telling: Sonnen’s arm being hyperextended, Sonnen’s facial expression, or Filho’s smile. You don’t need to know Portugeese to understand what that shit is all about.

The WEC event was on last night and overall I give it a 7 out of 10. To give you some perspective, I gave the TUF6 finale an 8 out of 10 and UFC 78 a 5 out of 10. Basically the main fights went like this: two steamrolls and two excellent fights.

Jens Pulver made beating Cub Swanson look dirt simple … all of Cub’s talk about trading with Jens on the feet turned out to be a complete troll as he shot for a takedown 5 seconds into the fight. Jens showed why he’s the man at 145 by powering out of the shoot and then sunk in the meanest looking guillotine I’d ever seen. Cub tried to roll out of it but was completely trapped and had to tap like a bitch just over 30 seconds into the fight.

This is the big thing for Jens: he’s now fighting in a weight class where he’s not put up against people way bigger than him. It was amazing that Jens was able to hang with the higher weight classes as long as he did, but now I think we’re going to see Little Evil back in top form since he has the power and size to bully his opponents. A bigger fighter might have been able to power out of that choke, but another 145’er had no chance.

Doug Marshall rolled over Ariel Gandulla like I thought he would … Ariel looked like the novice he was and got caught by THE FIRST SUBMISSION KIDS ARE TAUGHT IN JIU-JITSU: A lazy armbar from the bottom. I was a bit surprised though … Doug Marshall came out looking like a sensitive boyfriend rather than the pissed off Rhino we all know and love. Maybe he was thinking that Ariel had some kind of super-dangerous secret weapon. But unless that secret weapon was “terrible submission defence” … no.

Now onto the battles!

Chael Sonnen was absolutely wailing on a listless Paulo Filho, who basically blamed his problems cutting to 185 on his poor performance. Chael came within inches of finishing the fight early in the first round after a slam seemed to knock Filho out for a moment. In true champion fashion, Filho held on and pulled off a ‘controversial’ submission. ‘Controversial’ in quotations because Chael Sonnen claimed he was just fine, dispite the fact that he was clearly not. I’m sure Sonnen would have been perfectly happy to have his arm broken backwards on live TV and while that would have been totally cool to see, I say good stoppage ref. Good stoppage.

I have to hand it to Chael though … I thought he was going to get absolutely destroyed in this fight but he completely dominated both rounds right up to the last few seconds when Filho pulled a sweet sub out of his ass. Again, Filho complained afterwards about how hard it was to make weight, making me think his lackluster performance had to do with a really bad cut.

Last but not least, Jeff Curran did better than I expected against Urijah Assface Faber. He dominated the first round and came close to finishing things from Faber’s back with a body triangle. Faber kept his cool and got out of it with a minute left to go and from there dominated the second round on his way to a slick choke with 30 seconds left on the clock.

I hate Urijah Faber with a passion, but I can’t deny that the guy has some serious skills. Curran came out strong and put Faber into some tough spots, but Faber survived and turned the tables on his opponent. Jeff Curran also came out with a lot of power and looked 100 times better than he was in his WEC debut where he was unable to even finish Stephen Ledbetter. Let’s hope the Big Frog doesn’t return to his lackluster ways when he’s not fighting for a title shot. Another year or so in the WEC and I can see him winning his next title fight.

All in all, two excellent back and forth fights that solidified their respective WEC champions, Jens Pulver proving he’s no pushover, and Doug Marshall … well, Doug Marshall beat a can. An entertaining night of fights that deserves props. Now lets just hope we don’t have to wait several months for the next one!

What do you get when you cross two web noobs, a comic, and a bunch of CSS that neither of them understand? You get a comic that’s been sitting in limbo for over 3 months! Yes, we are pained to admit it, but Ryan and myself are just completely incapable of making the CSS work for the comic.

This is why, rather than despair and say goodnight to this most valid concept, we are reaching to you, our beloved Jackals, for help. We need someone to assist us in converting a very basic comicpress theme to match how the rest of the site looks. Everything is setup; we just need help making it look right. Frankly, I spent days on it and just wanted to shoot myself. It’s like a rubix cube from hell … when it looks good in Firefox, it sucks in IE. And vice versa.

So to anyone who responds to this post and is serious, I’ll shoot you a quick email, and we can get cracking on it. The sooner we have help, the quicker you’ll all be rewarded to what is perhaps the most over-hyped part of the site. See you soon, comic fans.


MMANews has a pretty good breakdown of the HDNet conference call leading up to this week’s Reckless Abandon romance novel .. er, I mean MMA event! The conference call starts out with no one wanting to ask any questions to Andrew Simon, HDNet Fights’ CEO. Ouch. Dana White he is not. Then it moves on to Guy Mezger (who I think everyone just assumed ran shit), who had this to say about Sean Salmon:

Q. You mentioned earlier about Sean [Salmon] dropping out. This has been the second time Sean has had to drop out of an HDNets event. Can you talk a little about that?

A. “I think he makes some very poor decisions. It is very difficult for us to want to build in or around him for what I feel are irresponsible decisions. He lets his manager influence some of his decisions, and that I think is causing him to make some bad choices.”

One thing to note is that HDNet Fights has changed their contracts from “No fights 30 days before an event” to “No fights 60 days before or 30 days after an event”. No word yet on if this is being called the Salmon Clause.

I’ve already talked about how fucked up Jens Pulver’s life has been. But it looks like there’s always something new about his life to talk about. I have to wonder how the rest of the Pulver family feels about their shit getting all over CBS Sports and Yahoo every time Jens is about to fight. It’s not like they deserve privacy considering the situation. But most people try to keep those dirty family secrets as just that: secrets.

Not Jens, who dishes the latest dirt on his brother Dustin and his sister Jamaica (P.S to prospective parents: naming your child Jamaica = doomed from the start) :

For years the problem was his father, whose violent rampages against young Jens and his mother spurred Jens in 2003 to write a biography, Little Evil. In the past few years, however, the problem has become his other brother, Dustin.

Last month, Dustin Pulver was sentenced to 50 years in prison for a string of armed robberies, kidnapping and sexual abuse. Dustin Pulver appeared before the judge bearing one tattoo of a $100 bill and another that said, Drug Dealer. According to published reports, Dustin Pulver greeted the judge’s sentence by sneering back, “What do you want me to do, crack? Beg? I’m not going to beg you for nothing. You ain’t God.”

Jens Pulver smiles a different smile, a sad one, when he talks about his other brother.

“He’s beyond violent,” he says of Dustin. “Has he ever killed anyone? Put it like this: He never got busted for it. But he’s done some things, and he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison.”

Pulver says his sister, Jamaica, also is in prison. He says she lost her kids because of drug problems. Jens’ mother has been caring for Jamaica’s kids in a location Jens won’t reveal. He says his father, the other Jens Pulver, doesn’t need to know that kind of information.

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