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You know, I’m getting pretty sick of this trend: fighter works his way up the world. Fighter gets popular. I jump on the bandwagon. Fighter gets distracted by money/bitches/movies. Fighter gets face smashed in. Fighter leaves MMA for Hollywood. And I cry into my pillow at night because I have abandonment issues which stem from my father leaving when I was a child.

For a while I was pretty certain that was what was going on with Rich Franklin. The guy hasn’t looked happy in like a year and a half, and I was starting to wonder if he was sick of cutting, sick of training, and sick of getting his nose smashed to hell. It’s not like Rich ‘needs’ to fight. The dude’s making good coin off his clothing line, he filmed some gayass pilot TV show, and just starred in a shitty b-movie.

So when the UFC asked him to fight Travis Lutter in March and his people responded with a big “uuuuuuuh, let us get back to you on that”, I thought it was pretty much all over.

Fortunately that’s not the case, as Rich has decided to step up and accept the bout with Lutter. Of course, now that I’m done saying that I’m happy to hear that, I really hope that Rich bounces back and hits the gym hard. Travis Lutter ain’t one to fuck around with, and if Rich is really in a position where he needs a win in order to stay relevant in the middleweight division.

If I was a betting man, I think Rich took this fight with the prayers that Dan Henderson will beat Anderson Silva. If Rich wins and that happens, presto! Another title shot for Ace, this time against someone who isn’t quite so deadly with muay thai.

I don’t know how the fuck Jarry Park gets all the interviews they do. Well, actually I do … the guy running it used to work for HBO and Spike so he’s got connections out the anus. But it still always impresses me that he pulls in the interviews that he does. Next thing you know he’ll manage to snag an interview with the rotting corpse of Ravishing Rick Rude.

Today’s big interview is with Mark Cuban, and it’s pretty good. The only question I wish he’d asked Cuban was “Why the fuck did you name this event Reckless Abandon? Are you a moron?”. He did get this little swipe against the UFC though:

AH: What’s up with the UFC not allowing you to show footage of their events on “Inside MMA?” Are you surprised at how guarded they are?

MC: Ask them. The only thing I have seen from the UFC is that they have a lot of lawyers that they pay more than many of their fighters

If Mark Cuban was surprised that the UFC wasn’t gonna share with him, he’s less smart than I give him credit for. Sure, he has a right to be pissed, but he’s a competitor trying to break into the field, and he stepped all over the UFC’s toes regarding the Randy Couture thing.

Of course, if you’re involved in the MMA scene and you don’t get a paycheck from Dana White, you’re pretty much guaranteed that you’re stepping on the UFC’s toes … they don’t like anyone, which is why I don’t get why everyone tries to suck up to them.

Note to all MMA websites, organizations, and journalists: THE UFC FUCKING HATES YOU. Sure they’ll use you if they see a way to, but that doesn’t change the sentiment at all.

Tara LaRosa dishes it out against Gina Carano:

Sam Caplan: If they were going to offer you a match with Gina Carano would you move up to 140 just for that match?

Tara LaRosa: I’m not sure if I’d move up to 140 or not. It’s of my personal opinion that 140 is not a weight division. 140 is a special division set up one particular girl who can’t make weight and everybody else that has fought in EliteXC, outside of fights with Gina Carano, (such as) Shayna Baszler, they fought at 135, which is a true weight class. So I’ll fight at 135 if I’m fighting for EliteXC.

I was originally going to post all of the shit talking that Tara does, but it’s like the rest of the freaking interview, so I figure you should probably just go check it out if you need a fix of Anti-Carano rhetoric. I have to say, this is some pretty above average shit though. Tara LaRosa has a lot of reasons to not be impressed with Gina Carano, and she doesn’t hold back.

I knew this already because Eddie already implied why he was cut from the UFC shows as a scoring judge during an interview with Jarry Park, but here it is in black and white for you:

Stephan: And what about your work with the UFC, we don’t see you anymore. Whats happening there?

Eddie: I still work for the UFC. You know what, they cut the scorecard, the judges were getting a lot of heat for terrible decisions-

Stephan: LOL

Eddie: -and it doesn’t help when they make a terrible decision and I give a good decision, and my decision seems to be an official decision. It makes them look bad. They didn’t like that.

Well what a surprise! The UFC got rid of Eddie’s scoring because it was making Athletic Commission judges look like retards. I can understand to a degree … you don’t want to piss off the commissions.

But on the other hand, having Bravo around as the UFC’s ‘judge’ deflected a lot of anger from the UFC to where it belongs. Considering the disillusionment bad judging creates, you’d think the UFC would rather ruffle a few feathers in the AC than have fans think they’re in on these scorecard screwjobs.

The rest of the interview with Eddie is pretty interesting … I have to admit that I’m a total newb to the rubber guard but I love it, and am anxiously awaiting a copy of his Mastering the Rubber Guard book under my Kwansaa tree this year. If it wasn’t for his terrible … terrible … utterly terrible music, I’d consider myself a fan of the guy.

I knew I shouldn’t trust all you flaky bastards in the comments section when you were saying “X fighter got sub of the night and Y fighters got Fight of the Night”. Because the REAL awards for the TUF6 finale have finally been released:

Fight of the Night:
Jon Koppenhaver vs. Jared Rollins
Roger Huerta vs. Clay Guida [$15,000 each]

Knockout of the Night:
Jon Koppenhaver KO of Jared Rollins [$15,000 to Koppenhaver]

Submission of the Night:
Matt Arroyo armbars John Kolosci [$15,000 to Arroyo]

Nice of the UFC to give two fight of the night bonuses … when you’re trying to encourage guys to go all out, it certainly helps to show that you’re not going to fuck them over just because someone else pulled a Fight of the Year match out of their asses.

It’s interesting to note though that the bonuses were only 15k as opposed to 40k like they are for PPVs. I’m not going to complain … I think 15k bonuses are a bit more reasonable, and the extra scratch can go to places where it’s needed, like a new platinum plated toilet for Dana White.

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