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Hey everyone, just a reminder that we recorded a special Kwansaa radio show for you all! If I don’t say so myself, it’s quite the rockin’ episode, complete with new skits such as the Kalib Starnes Poverty Foundation and Matt Hughes Has a Limp Dick. That, plus over an hour of most excellent MMA blather.

Go here to download it or check it out using our handy radio applet to your right!

The IFL just released a document which basically details their battleplan for 2008. And if you wanna know basically what it says you could go and read the whole thing, or you can trust me when I say there’s nothing revolutionary in there.

They’re hoping live television and a smarter event schedule will save the day, along with their focus away from ‘teams’ onto ‘camps’. Hey, I’m sure IFL founder Kurt Otto also likes to call his ‘little’ penis ‘huge’ too, but that doesn’t change how terribly small it is. A team concept by any other name would suck as badly, as Shakespeare was fond of saying. He also was known to say “The IFL sucketh like a 17 year old on Spring Break – vigorously but with little to nary skill”

There’s a decent amount of info in there about the IFL wanting to draw other camps into the fray who wouldn’t otherwise have anything to do with the IFL. I’m sure Jay Larkin masturbates to the idea of Randy Couture submitting an Xtreme Couture camp to the picture, but that’s not likely.

Randy’s already whacked the UFC hornet’s nest too many times this year. Getting in bed with the IFL would be like sticking his penis into the aforementioned hornet’s nest. If that happened I wouldn’t be surprised to see the TUF7 finale featuring the ritual sacrifice of Forrest Griffin and the burning of all video tapes featuring the Natural.

In an effort to counteract the anger and vitriol I’ve been spitting out lately, I’ve decided to try and make one post a day about something I like. Whenever I visit FightOpinion or listen to their podcasts, I always wonder “Does Zach Arnold even like anything???” I’ve never heard him say anything positive about anything, not even puppies or rainbows or sunshine. The last thing I want to become is a cranky Zach-like individual because I hear that’s step one of the transformation into a full blown windbag like Eddie Goldman.

So for today’s ‘Stuff I like’, I wanted to point out the work of one Michael Rome who writes for BloodyElbow. To be honest, I fucking hate it when blogs become ‘collective’ blogs … MMA blogs in particular are bland enough as it is without there being half a dozen writers on board with equally banal opinions. But Michael is one of a kind: a writer who was added to a site that’s actually BETTER than the original writer.

And that’s not putting Luke Thomas down … it’s just that Michael is that damn good. Check out some of his recent stuff:

Anyways, the things that make Rome stand out is his coherent writing style, good ideas, and strong opinions. He’s willing to speculate and speak his mind. Most bloggers just regurgitate the facts and say “That’s good” or “That’s bad”. Rome always backs his opinions up with solid logic that’s hard to argue against. He fits into the Bloody Elbow site well, and is definitely the best writer on the site right now.

Tune in tomorrow as I deepthroat another random kielbasa on this magical journey known as ‘Stuff I like’.

Yeah, I know I know. We all made a super secret schoolgirl pact never to bring up Sean Sherk’s steroid malfunction again. But I just read something interesting about it in an InsideFighting interview and wanted to share it with y’all:

Sherk: We also wanted to talk to the Quest guy about the mistakes they made. There were a lot of chain of custody mistakes made by them. Things we wanted to find out like, ‘why would you even test if you’ve got documented carry over?’

IF: Talk about what your understanding of “carry over” is, please.

Sherk: Everyone gives a sample before and after they fight. They test on the same machine with all the samples. There were tests before me that tested positive for steroids. They are supposed to do a water blank after each test and then run a test again to make sure it’s showing zero. Right before me the machine wasn’t clean and it came back with steroids. That’s what the carryover is.

The Quest guy knew about all these issues. Everything they do is documented. But they kept proceeding with the stuff. My attorney did his research and presented the case as best he could under the circumstances. We were not given our opportunity properly and were speaking to deaf ears.

This certainly seems like the best evidence I never heard regarding Sherk’s steroid appeal. I suppose that’s what happens when you’ve got a lawyer that’s just throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks: sometimes people just see a wall with shit smears all over it instead of the one bit of valid sticky stuff.

The concept of carry over is something I haven’t heard before and I’m not interested in doing the research on it to see what’s up with it. But the concept seems pretty straightforward: you clean the pee machine after a positive test, and then do a second test to make sure levels are back to zero. If Quest has documentation that proves this wasn’t done, I don’t see how this couldn’t be a straightforward slam dunk for Sherk and his expensive devil lawyer.

Denny Burkholder tries to do some lame last year / this year comparisons and just ends up pissing me off. Check this out:

Last year:
Popular MMA message boards loved mainstream coverage and pined for more of it. It was viewed as a positive, healthy sign that the sport was gaining respect. (Before I continue, let me mention that I bring up MMA websites and blogs because — as others have correctly observed — MMA is a sport that is seriously intertwined with the web like no other sport.)

No MMA website or blog had a relationship — formal or informal — with any mainstream company. Bloggers used to write about MMA just for fun.

This year:
Popular MMA message boards tend to hate mainstream MMA coverage, with posters wondering aloud “why don’t they just hire people like us?” (Which draws various far-reaching assumptions such as that mainstream writers didn’t know about MMA until The Ultimate Fighter, never posted on an MMA message board, and are not, therefore, “people like us.” Which is wrong on all counts. Believe it or not, some of us were following the sport before today’s major MMA websites and message boards existed. **Raises hand.**)

Bloggers that used to write about MMA for fun now seem more concerned with scoring a big partnership, selling ads, and “cashing in.” Others have shifted their focus from covering the sport of MMA (for fun) to skewering the media’s coverage of MMA (for sport).

What right do you, a guy who’s JOB it is to write about MMA, have to criticize other people who are trying to make a few fucking bucks writing 20 times the amount of content that you do? Half the bloggers out there do a BETTER job than the mainstream media does, and that’s without any kind of access or paid expenses, and that’s on top of whatever job and family life they have.

Pardon us for ‘skewering’ people like Kevin Iole when he bends over, takes it from Dana White, and then regurgitates press releases under the guise of a YahooSports ‘news’ piece. For every Dave Meltzer there’s 10 fuckwads who don’t know shit, or maybe they do know shit but they’re just so bad at journalism that everything they write makes them look like they don’t know shit.

You guys are the ones in charge of presenting the sport to a general audience, and I think overall you’re doing a shitty job of it. Your press credentials are supposed to give you the access and the ability to find shit out. But there’s barely been one answer you guys have dug up that bloggers and the average forum users haven’t managed to find out first.

As far as I can tell, most of you just take whatever story the editor tells you to cover and run with it. Writers like Sam Caplan had to start their own fucking blogs because ‘mainstream’ outlets weren’t interested in giving him the webspace or paltry pay neccessary to cover the sport properly.

So from me to you in the spirit of Christmas: fuck all you mainstream guys in your fucking asses. You guys seem too busy patting your own backs to pay attention to why the rest of the MMA community wants to kick your teeth in. You haven’t done shit, you’re not the magical force that’s growing MMA. You’re just corporate patsies that do what you’re told.

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