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Josh Barnett updated his myspace pictures page with a bunch of shots from his trip to Japan. Looking at these, I keep thinking its no wonder Josh doesn’t want to fight in America. Over here he’s just that goofy dude with love handles. Over in Japan he’s like this giant white God amongst rat-faced men.

Us North Americans? We can see right through his cool clothes and hardcore act … our nerd detectors are too powerful to be deceived. We know he’s really all about cheesy fantasy novels, pro wrestling, and those stupid little anime books you have to read backwards.

While Georges St Pierre can certainly say that his training camp has been excellent, he can’t say the same about his entire Christmas vacation. Just days before leaving for Las Vegas, Georges was pulled over by the police and had his car impounded. The reason? Expired plates.

Of course, when you’re fucking rich like GSP, you just laugh that shit off and show up at the impound lot carrying a big sack with a dollar sign drawn on it. When that happened to me, I showed up at the subway station with a big sack full of pennies and nickels because I can’t afford the fucking fee to get my shit back out.

Every time I get sick and tired of working on this blog, I just remember those bastards over at Cage Potato watching … waiting. Ready to pounce and take my throne at a moment’s notice. That’s when I drag myself away from whatever totally sweet marathon is showing on TNT and get back to fucking work on this soul sucking thing.

But today it looks like I dallied a bit too long, for Cage Potato got the scoop on Matt Serra’s current condition. Well, can you really call it a scoop when they actually got the news from Dave Meltzer’s newsletter? Or is it more of a scoop of a scoop, because they’re the first ones in the blogosphere to break it? Does anyone really care? God, the politics of the MMA news scene are so gay. I’m glad everyone hates me and just leaves me alone.

Anyways, back to that news: Apparently Matt Serra’s condition has improved significantly, from ‘searing unbearable pain’ to ‘I still can’t walk but at least I don’t want to die anymore’. This is good news that would point to Serra being back in action sooner rather than later, although it was also mentioned that Serra went native and is now a fat jabroni sitting somewhere around 200 pounds.

It’s apparently that time of year when all the gentrified MMA writers take the monocle out of their eye, imbibe a hearty sip of brandy, and wax philosophical about the rousing year of happenings in the Asiatics. First it was Dave Meltzer, then Zach Arnold, and now Jojo Breen has penned her entry, snootily entitled ‘Sunken Ships and Black Ships’. How artsy.

While Meltzer tried to expose a few layers of the onion that is Japanese MMA, Zach Arnold simply cut it in half to show off it’s rotten core. Breen has taken the approach of concentrating on the events of 2007 themselves, mentioning backroom shenanigans only when they directly caused the collapse of an event like they did with K1 Dynamite USA:

It would’ve been hard for Dynamite!! USA to have been anymore epically disastrous. A botched main event and absurd matchmaking largely overshadowed the few gems the card produced. Gracie-Sakuraba II has all but been erased from the canon already. A hollow attendance record is more a punch line than an achievement. In the end, it seems apropos for the debacle to be remembered most readily for a clueless local DJ whose ignorance to his audience greatly mirrored FEG’s very own incompetence.

For those of you who weren’t around on this site when we were serving up grilled Dynamite on a daily basis, here’s a few highlights from our coverage so you too can remember how much of a cock-up that whole event was.

Surprise surprise, the UFC is back in the spotlight regarding fighter pay and the troubles they’ve had because of it. For those of you who are sick of the subject, I’ll let you in on a simple fact: so long as you can get paid more to retile a bathroom than fight in the UFC, shit like this is gonna keep popping up.

As usual Dana White comes across as an asshole, but an asshole with some very solid quotes and talking points. I swear to God, the guy carries around a pad of paper and jots down every witty thought that permeates his bald head. Get him for an interview, and he just follows the flow chart full of notes he’s made (interrupted of course with occassional bouts of tourettes).

All in all, a solid read but nothing we haven’t really heard before. Although I think this might be the first news piece by a major press organization that mentions the idea of a fighter’s union:

Couture said the UFC needs to consider providing “Medical coverage outside the shows, like when we are in training. Those guys making $2,000 to $3,000 a fight who get hurt in training, that’s a shame.”

“A fighters’ union is something that’s been discussed for a couple years. There’s almost this monopoly, but if the fighters could unite about issues such as these bonuses . . . there has to be someone in marquee stature to say he’s sacrificing everything, saying, ‘He can’t make me fight.’ “

Yeah, it’s too bad that rather than stick around and fight for the rights of other fighters, you just took your ball and went home you fucking bastard. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … MMA needs the right people to stand up against the UFC and help set up basic rights for developing and established UFC fighters. Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock ain’t the guys, and Randy blew it. So who the hell is left???

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