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A lot of people gave Hong Man Choi shit for his terrible performance in the K1 World Grand Prix finals (myself included), but I wouldn’t be surprised if Choi just coasted through the loss to make sure he’d come out fit and able to fight Fedor on NYE. Looking at this vintage video of Hong Man Choi training gives me hope that he’ll be more than ready on NYE to face the #1 fighter in the world (arguably).

Sorry for the delay people … I know it’s a huge day for mixed martial arts and you guys needs your newses! I just want to blame Air Canada for making my 6 hour trip take 16 hours instead, and for losing my luggage. For those of you flying into Montreal for our UFC April Madness, I recommend you fly with a more reliable airline, like Afghanistan Ariana Airlines or Uzbekistan Airways. That is all! We now return to your scheduled Fightlinker content.

You want audio? Mr Sunshine’s got your audio. More audio than you can shake a stick at! Broken down into a whole bunch of teensy tiny little clips. Worth listening to! Stick em in your ear holes and enjoy!

There’s a lot more going on with UFC79 than just the fights happening in the Octagon. The event is Zuffa’s last big hurrah for the year and if it doesn’t go off large, the implications could be pretty big:

From a business and media perspective, with pay-per-view numbers down slightly for the year and the perception, real or perceived, that the industry has cooled off, the company could use a strong pay-per-view number to close the year. should have a complete story on the the company’s pay-per-view numbers for the year next week, however, the company likely needs 600,000+ buys on Saturday to have a shot at beating HBO Boxing for the year.

The race is about far more than just bragging rights as much of this year’s gushing media coverage is largely built on last year’s record setting year on pay-per-view, including the beating boxing storyline. It has been said before, but momentum is self-perpetuating and the company has benefited tremendously from the mainstream media exposure that has resulted from its perceived momentum. If the media stops seeing the sport as the next big thing it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I don’t think we have to worry about the sport going into decline any time soon … as Dana White has said, the UFC doesn’t ‘need’ mainstream acceptance to succeed. But as far as growing the sport goes, it’s kinda important. On the other hand, you could argue that MMA has grown way too quickly over the past two years, and a speed bump or two so things slow down and get evaluated could be just what the sport needs.

There was a press conference today to hype up UFC79, and one thing that came out of it was this interesting news:

Some people have questioned whether or not St. Pierre has had sufficient time to prepare for Hughes as he took the fight on three weeks notice. Accord to St. Pierre, taking the fight on short notice was not an issue as he was already in excellent shape. “I was actually training for the Olympic Games. For the tryout for the Olympic wrestling, I was in amazing shape and I had the best training camp of my life. A lot of guys came down, every round I was fighting a fresh guy all the time so I trained myself to fight an army so one man will never break me down.”

Well holy shit, Georges St Pierre is trying to get himself on the Canadian Olympic team? That’s pretty awesome, I must say. It doesn’t surprise me all that much either … word from everyone on the block is he’s definitely got the skills to back up the attempt. I just hope he doesn’t pull a Kid Yamamoto and take a break from MMA in order to fulfill his Olympic dreams. Considering all these stupid Olympic guys trying to make the jump to MMA, it’d be kinda refreshing to see it go the other way. WAR GSP!

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